Rob Cantrell…We Mean General Patton…No Wait? General Potton for Prop 19

Two things…you know a video’s gonna be killer when it’s from WEED HERO Rob Cantrell and when you know it’s all ‘bout weed and when it starts off with Warning: Mature Content This video is inappropriate for young and easily offended viewers, right? Wait? That’s three things…aww fuck it because three things is better than two right and this shit’s about legalizing WEED so what’s not to LOVE?

Anyhow…we’re living in exciting times people…legalization is on the way! Says our friend and yours, Mr. Rob Cantrell…er uh…we mean General Patton “It could be a greener and kinder earth after the 3rd.” So, check out RC’s new short film for Comedy Central / Atom Film.

WAIT…we’re STONED…that’s the wrong vid. Okay…check it out below:

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