Rob Cantrell’s HEAVY WEATHER featuring Dave Rosinsky

Today’s forecast? Cloudy with 100% chance of bong hits (not included) and belly laughs thanks to Rob Cantrell’s funny new vid, Heavy Weather. This new jam features NY-based funny guy Dave Rosinsky, big blunts and bad ass rhymes. And it’s fresh off Cantrell’s “DREAM’S NEVER DIE” album.

Rob Cantrell Blunt

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll recognize our dude Rob Cantrell from our previous post about coffee being STUFF STONERS LIKE—Coffee and WEED, yes indeed! You should also recognize Rob from his spot on the legendary PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE. Cantrell is element #95. He’s book-ended by comedian Katt Williams and the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws (NORML). How fuckin’ cool is that shit, right? Why’d Cantrell make the cut? He was funny as fuck in The Marijuana-Logues, dude. Plus in 2009 Cantrell released the classic stoner comedy album “Keep On The Grass.” Even to this day that shit’s still being played in heavy rotation on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Cantrell first gained national attention as a top 10 finalist on the very first season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” but you’ve probably seen Cantrell on hella other different TV shows. Dude’s made appearances most recently on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” and FX’s “Totally Biased with W Kamau Bell”. He wrote and starred in his own web-series called “Universally Speaking” made exclusively for the Bonnaroo365 music festival’s video channel. Spaning from 2010-12, he performed in two full-length Hip-Hop music videos shown on Comedy Central’s “AtomTV” program.

So hang back, spark a bowl and let storm Big Rob rock you like a hurricane.
Rob Cantrell Marijuana



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