Roll-Uh-Bowl Review

Roll-Uh-BowlRoll a Bowl Collapsible Bong

We’ve seen some pretty amazing products come across our path. This Fold a Bowl, er uhm we mean Fold a Bong—Wait? What the hell is this thing called again? Oh that’s right; Roll Uh Bowl…is definitely one of ’em. Okay it’s not amazing like the iPhone or a flying car, but it does solve a huge problem—taking big bong hits on the go.

The Roll a Bowl consists of a silicon tube and a metal bong bowl. According to the website the Roll a Bowl is great for your pocket, purse or pack. However if its been used it’s great for leaking bong water all over your pocket, purse or pack. It was super easy to clean, however. We plucked out the bong bowl and down stem and put it all in the dishwasher. We also dropped the down stem in some isopropyl alcohol. But of course we were near a sink, water, dishwasher and iso. So it wasn’t a big deal. According to their site, tho, this collapsible bong “is the perfect companion for hiking, fishing, camping, skiing.” Just try and clean it before stashing it so you don’t have stinky bong water leaking on stuff.

A vape pen is good for concerts. Rolling papers are good for concerts. A small pipe is good for concerts and now this handy collapsible bong is as well. Take big hits at big events—how cool is that?


The Roll a Bowl dudes are also marketing this thing as a dab rig. They claim you can remove the metal bowl and replace it with a Hybrid Domeless Dabber Attachment. That way you can aim a blow torch just inches away from a thin rubber tube. Last we checked rubber was flammable, man. So suffice to say we wouldn’t recommend buying this attachment and using a blow torch to heat it. You don’t want to destroy your Roll Uh Bowl, do ya?

We really dig the Roll a Bowl portable water bong—especially since it was made in America by an outdoor adventure enthusiast. If you’re looking for big hits on the go—look no further.

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    Shared it bro. Hope I win. It’d be a necessity for hikes, kayaking, and camping. All things I enjoy doing while baked.

  3. Zero Kelvin Cosmos

    Ingenius sir. Just so brilliant! It’s fully tokeanomic!

  4. Austin

    I shared the post. Good luck!

  5. Effy

    Reblogged it man! This is a great invention and I may just get one even if I don’t win:)

  6. Jason

    I’ve never owned a bong (yet) in my life 🙁 sad I know. I’m excited for the winner of this incredi”bowl” invention. Mare the best stoner win, cheers everyone and PEACE!!

  7. Spencer McKay

    Posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Crossing my fingers on this one. Would love to own an indestructible bong.

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  9. Spencer McKay

    The guy who invented this has my same last name. How coincidental. Lol

  10. Nik

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  12. Oscar camaño

    Ready!!! And waiting for saturday!!! That bong will cone to Panamá!!! #420allday

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    Perfect for camping…

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    Doin it & Doin it & Doin it Well!!!!!!!

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    I think I shared it right. Would love to win. It would be to first time I’ve ever won something.

  23. Professor B.T. Mienoré

    C. Che and I really want one of these! Shared personally and on ZKS Facebook page, also Twitter. Hope all is well on the other coast!

  24. kentonisham

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  25. Cam

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  27. Angel

    Really hope I win, just broke my bong and I’m broke aswell 🙁

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  30. Tim

    Bought one, great idea. Too much going on with the ash expeller..rather drop the bonghit and pull stern to carb (personal preference). Also, the inherent air leak, just so hard to find an airtight fitting these days.. and yes, it’s a BONG, so yes it stinks after smoking the first celebratory toke after rolling open the mailer.. it’s a BONG! I do hope someone finds this helpful, although I may not suggest it to many, it is an unbreakable foldable BONG which functions, good for many outings and innings <;-}~~

  31. Tommy McConaugh

    Your are so fucking dumb, its SILICONE, not rubber. Two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SUBSTANCES. Also, silicone isn’t flammable, although it will melt if exposed to a direct flame for several minutes. Just thought your highass might want to know.

  32. Tetra hydro

    Ordered it got here, honestly believe the “strong silicone” is the best for quality on a silicone portable colapsable bong but as it was meant for discreetness it is WAYYY smaller than expected. The strong silicone is at least 3-4 inches bigger and has a nice light glass on glass bowl and the setup on the roll uh bowl is a hard plastic down stem and a eject a bowl metal piece for your herb or roach killing. But the roll uh bowl is 3 bic lighter lengths biggest downfall in my eyes and could have a better setup(it is also a little flimsey like floppy kinda and collapses when you hit it so dont add too much water or moght become a straw)

  33. Southpineshooligan

    This bong is NOT rubber, it’s health care grade silicon, and I’m speaking from personal experience, (having owned several) that it will only burn if you put flame where it shoudnt be.

  34. Stoner Stuff

    See the Stuff Stoners Like version?

  35. Ryan

    If you don’t want to get bong water on your stuff after use just carry a full water bottle. Use a little too fill the bong and the rest to wash it out after.

  36. Stoner Stuff

    Great tip! Danks, yo! Ha e you seen the Stuff STONERS LIKE roll-Uh-Bowl?

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