Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards’ daughter, Theodora, Busted for WEED & Graffiti

Keef Richard’s hot-ass daughter, Theodora, not only smokes weed, but she’s  into graffiti and blasphemy! Maybe she’s Banksy? If you haven’t heard, a couple cops busted her bombin’ a convent’s wall in NY’s SoHo district, where she lives, on Tuesday night. She was later charged with “making graffiti, possession of a graffiti instrument and possession of a controlled substance,” police said.

Oh, that controlled substance? It was weed and a few pills. “I hope I don’t get into trouble for this,” Richards allegedly told cops, prosecutors said. “I don’t have a prescription for them.”

Yesterday, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge released Richards without asking for bail after she balked at a plea deal offered by prosecutors; plead guilty to disorderly conduct and serve two days of community service and a day in a drug treatment facility. Instead he should have ordered her to practice up on her graff handstyle, man…or at least order her to learn how to make a proper NYC mop.

“It’s defiling private property and it’s a convent,” said some nun, about the scribble that looks to be done with nail polish, the size of a fuckin’ quarter and easily covered by a li’l white spraypaint. “We’ll have to ask the city to take it off. Taxpayer money now has to pay for this,” she continued.

S hit, man…tax payers can MAKE money off this shit instead…aren’t buildings worth more money after being bombed by a famous street artist?

Pro Tip: Notice the admission of guilt to the arresting officers? Well, uh…YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT…so, don’t say SHIT!

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  1. Bubblemaster

    oh wow she is beautiful. guess she takes after her father. she probably has great lawyers.

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