Bio-Diesel Rosin Review

Rosin from flowersBio-Disel Rosin Review

Product: Bio Diesel Flower Rosin
Strain: Bio-Diesel a four-way cross of Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel and NYC Diesel.
Score: 7/10
From: Harborside Health Center Oakland 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606 Delivery: (888) 994-2726
Producer: Strait Medicinal
Concentrate Type: Rosin
Sample Size: .5 grams
Price: $60

Rosin is stuff stoners likeWhat is Rosin?

Rosin. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Or perhaps you’ve heard of something called the Rosin Tech? Basically you take buds or dry sift, wrap them in parchment paper and run a hot hair straightener, a panini press, a t-shirt press straightener, etc over it releasing all the sticky resin. You can then collect the resulting concentrate, called rosin, then dab or vape it like any other concentrate.

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Many are saying that rosin is the future of hash. Why? Well for starters making it doesn’t involve any explosive chemicals. Shit like butane and methane, commonly used to make concentrates, can be dangerous, dude—leading to disastrous situations. But because rosin doesn’t require any explosives many more stoners are willing to give it a try. What we didn’t expect was that commercial concentrate manufacturers would get into producing such a DIY product.

Appearance and Feel: This Bio-Diesel rosin looks pretty similar to shatter at first glance. It has a nice, deep, dark amber color and is kind of translucent. In fact we could clearly read the writing on the bottom of the jar through the rosin itself. The texture of this rosin was not like shatter at all however. It was very viscous and stringy. Think super glue mixed with maple syrup.

Rosin from Strait Medicinal
Rosin from Strait Medicinal

Smell: Bio-Diesel is a four-way cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel, and NYC Diesel. With so much diesel she typically reeks of fuel. However rosin pressed from Bio Diesel flowers has hardly a smell at all. There’s a hint of earthyness, but none of that familiar fuel fragrance that dominates strains like NYC Diesel.
Flavor: Bio Diesel weed has an earthy, sweet flavor with a strong hit of fuel of course. However this flower rosin had a really subtle but earthy and slightly spicy flavor. The rosin technique seemed to mellow out the taste—at least that’s how it tasted in a VaporTech Trifecta vape pen. We loaded the pen four or five times, each time using a rolling paper to wipe off the daber.

We added a little more Bio Diesel rosin to the rolling paper and then rolled a nice joint using some homegrown AK-47 we harvested a few months back. We always love adding toppings to bowls or joints. The flavor was phenomenal. The Bio Diesel rosin added a nice spicy kick like wasabi on sushi.

This Rosin had a texture similar to super glue and maple syrup

The sweet flavor really came out when we took a dab or two of the bio diesel rosin. We dropped some on a hot Ti nail and were rewarded with a thick sweet and skunky vape cloud. We even took a few dabs on Periscope.
High: Not sure about the THC content of this rosin, but we felt pretty stoney after a long sesh. The vape hits delivered a nice head-change and a lot of smiles. The rosin laced joint had us quite a bit stoned however.

Dabs of Bio Diesel Flower Rosin
Dabs of Bio Diesel Flower Rosin from Periscope

Overall: If you’re looking for a solvent-free hash than you can’t go wrong with something like rosin. Maybe you’re like us and don’t want to smash beautiful flowers in a hair straightener and scrape up their drippings, but would still like to get in on the recent rosin craze. Well now you can thanks to the dudes at Strait Medicinals and our buds at the Harborside Health Center. Rosin. We don’t know if it’s the future of hash, but we do know It’s stuff stoners like for sure.

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  1. Daniel

    Hi, sounds very interesting. I had a serious car accident some time ago which do to intense operations i inherited epilepsy. The seizures i suffer now are more of a blanking out type, someone gave me some buds & the seizures eased. Perhaps this ‘Rosin’ could help in the same way? Is it available?

  2. Daniel

    Hello, my name is Daniel, I’m from Australia. S. A. I had an accident 20 odd years ago and now suffer tbi, i suffer seizures. I bought myself a volcano vaporizer. & amazingly reduces them ten fold. This ‘bio-diesel Rosin’ sounds promising. Is it possible to have it sent to Oz?

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