Run the Jewels 2 Drops October 27

Run the Jewels 2Run the Jewels 2 Drops Oct 27. And to spread the word the hip hop duo delivers the best marketing email ever.

Run the Jewels are hella stoned. The group, made up of El-P and Killer Mike, just sent out the most stoned marketing email ever. It opens by saying; “Last year we gave you Run The Jewels and in exchange we asked for an email. Since then we haven’t been in touch unless you’ve seen us at a show, talked to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, bumped in to us at a bar, sold us weed, etc.”

As a matter of fact, think we did sell those dudes some weed. Maybe it was right after they got back from playing the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam last year. Anyhow, the email goes on to reveal the duo’s true reason for kicking-down their self-titled debut album for free last year:

“Truth be told our intention was to mercilessly sell your email information to literally anyone who would pay in a desperate attempt to raise enough money to buy 2 giant 36″, 14K yellow-gold dookie rope chains or 4 bit coins.  While we still yearn for those, we (regrettably) forgot to do the whole “betraying your privacy” thing, mostly due to the amount of marijuana we smoke on a daily basis. In fact, we completely forgot we even had these emails until yesterday. Shit happens”.

Run the Jewels 2_What a couple of stoners, right? The next big reveal? Run the Jewels is set to release another album. It’s called RTJ2 and it hits the streets October 27 and like the group’s last record a download will be available for FREE so you can spend your money on weed instead.

“We want anyone who wants it to have it, especially those who don’t feel like they can afford to spend cash on that type of thing or maybe even aren’t sure we are worthy of it.  Take it, test it out. Enjoy,” says the email blast.

For those who DO want to pay for Run the Jewels 2, the super group has many glorious options. We’re stoked on the ‘I’m On The Fucking List, Asshole’ Package for a measly $7500 that includes: a smoke sesh with the band and the opportunity to yell at their tour manager.
Run the Jewels 2The Show and Tell package is pretty dope too. Who wouldn’t want to watch El-P and Killer Mike answer questions kids have about marijuana, rap music and global politics? At $25K it’s a fuckin’ bargain, dude.

Run the Jewels 2The Housesitters Deluxe package at $35,000 ain’t bad either, the band promises to “spend an agreed upon weekend at your house where we will smoke all of your weed, listen to your stupid fucking music, and let your mother cook for us.”Run the Jewels 2 dowloadWatch Run the Jewels rock last year’s Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, below. Oh and which package are you planning on purchasing? Let us know in the comments below.

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