Arrested in San Diego Marijuana Raids

Thirty-one people including medical marijuana dispensary staff, volunteers, and patients have been arrested (so far) in terrifying military-style raids of dispensaries and private homes in San Diego County. A total of 14 dispensaries have been forced to close so far.

Apparently, the raids were led by the infamous weed-hating San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. She and San Diego county have had an anti-weed agenda for quite some time. A few months back the US Supreme Court REFUSED to hear a landmark case brought by San Diego County stemming from a law suit they filled back in ‘06 that challenged the state-mandated use of ID cards for medical marijuana patients. Now they’re ratcheting up their effortss with extremely expensive and highly dangerous  attacks on the  citizens of San Diego!


In an attempt to further marginalize compassionate care-givers Dumanis said the 14 storefronts targeted were “so-called medical marijuana businesses that appear to be run by drug dealers. There are now 60 storefronts operating and doing this under the guise of helping people who are sick.”

Funny thing is, no charges have been filed…yet.

“The police came in and raided us and told us to get our hands up, pushed us against the wall, started handcuffing people. All they said was that they had a search warrant, but they didn’t tell us what is was for,” Sara Sanders said about the frightening ordeal.

Law enforcement also stormed Nature’s in Linda Vista. Witnesses said that officers had guns drawn and even bashed the door in. “They put me against the wall, and did a search. I ended up cuffed before they even checked my bag and I am a med patient with a legal card. So, I felt like I was harassed by being cuffed,” medical marijuana patient Stacey Gant said.

Volunteers say the raids are unnecessary and that they are abiding by the law. “We have a lot of patients that are ailing and they need medicine and that’s what we are here for, doing this, doing the right thing by what the voters of San Diego, California decided on,” marijuana dispensary volunteer Booker Sanders Jr. said.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne
said the businesses targeted were chosen based on the number of residents’ complaints and the amount of activity happening at the businesses. We think they were singled out because Bonnie Dumanis has an anti-weed agenda. The number of medical marijuana dispensaries skyrocketed recently in the wake of her  FAILED attempt to overturn CA’s 1996 medical marijuana law. And, she probably is still all pissed and embarrassed over U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s directive that federal agents will only target medical marijuana storefronts when operators violate both state and federal laws…so now it’s time to make patients pay!

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    this is just upseting, Medical marijuana patients and dispensaries need to be left alone from all this harassement.

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