San Jose Burns Medical Marijuana Patients

Last night, the San Jose City Council gave preliminary approval to a bogus plan that looks to close about 130 local marijuana businesses and gravely regulate the ones allowed to remain.

Currently the 10th-largest city in the nation, San Jose, has about 100 marijuana clubs in operation and about 40 weed-delivery services running. But, under the new restrictions adopted after an 8-3 vote last night, which are scheduled to take effect at the end of October, only 10 marijuana clubs will be allowed to operate in the city, no more than 2 in each council district. So if the council gives the regulations final approval on September 27, every single existing SJ dispensary will be forced to do battle for one of only 10 coveted operating licenses through a first-come, first-served registration process starting in November. It’s do-or-die for these dudes, because the dispensaries that don’t win a slot will be ordered to close forcing the end of many livelihoods

And get this; San Jose’s new regulations will also require collectives to grow all their own weed…on-site! If the city of San Jose forces only 10 dispensaries to grow enough weed for the entire medical marijuana community in the 10th-largest city in the nation…aren’t federal drug raids a legitimate concern?

The new bummer rules will also require each remaining dispensary to maintain detailed logs accounting for every gram of weed sold and to whom! Plus, clubs will have to package all their wares in hard-as-bloody-hell-for-adults-to-open, childproof containers that list not only the patient’s name but also the name of their recommending doctor. And, all dispensaries city-wide will be forced to close by 8 p.m. and are prohibited from having any on-site ingesting or occupying street-level storefronts in areas that get lots of foot traffic.

Whew…those are a lot of changes, man. We’ll keep you posted on whether-or-not this shit actually happens.


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