San Jose to Tax the Shit Outta Marijuana

Days after raids targeting the owners and their families of Silicon Valley’s medical marijuana dispensary MediLeaf, ultimately shutting them down, San Jose further stuck it to medical marijuana patients by establishing a 7% tax on medical weed businesses. San Jose’s Marijuana Tax, Measure U won by a whopping 78.33% on November 2, 2010 the very same day millions of STONERS wept at the defeat of all out Marijuana Legalization in California, Proposition 19, that would have made all this bullshit null and void.

During a “special” city council meeting this week, one that lasted hours and hours and involved patients begging, pleading and crying for safe and easy access to AFFORDABLE medication, plus more than 70 speakers, San Jose’s Mayor Chuck Reed said “We need the money, pure and simple.” Well dude, that money will come directly from the hands of sick people. At least extorting money from sick people should deter the San Jose City Manager’s Office from going forward with their wishes to ban all cannabis clubs in town.

It seems the city of San Jose, just doesn’t know what the fuck to do about medical marijuana aside from tax the shit out of it! It’s an issue that’s plagued the Silicon Valley’s shining jewel for years now because they’ve never really addressed the zoning or regulation requirements for hawking weed. In fact, as a result of this negligence, San Jose’s city attorney claims the nearly 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in the area, many being delivery services, are operating illegally.

And, the weed-hate didn’t stop there as it bled into neighboring Sunnyvale whose city council just voted on December 14, to completely ban medical marijuana dispensaries within their city limits. The prohibition will go into effect in January.

I don’t think we want to be a community that allows this kind of storefront,” Sunnyvale Mayor McWeedHater, aka Melinda Hamilton said. “We don’t allow gambling, we don’t allow any more strip clubs or other nuisance businesses. I think this says a lot about the community we are.” And, she’s right. Calling the life-saving, compassionate medical marijuana dispensaries in her town a nuisance business, speaks volumes about her.

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