Santa Cruz Vape Pen Review

Santa Cruz Vape Pen

Santa Cruz Vape Pen Review

Talk about a pocket rocket. The ultra-powerful Santa Cruz vape pen looks like a tiny version of a craft you’d see docked at the International Space Station. It’s sleek, slender and super shiny. And available in an array of the cool colors you’d see splashed on a new Fiat or something. Plus it comes equipped with some striking laser-etched components. The flowcap, base and a few other select pieces are engraved with a subtle repeating “SC” pattern—seriously upping the stylish factor. Plus thing vapor pen’s heavy, man. It feels solid and substantial in the palm of your hand. Swing it and you might hurt someone.

Speaking of heavy—this vapor pen has a heavy-duty, medical-grade, titanium coil that’s wrapped 10 times. Ten times dude! Many vape pens stop at just five. Plus it’s housed in a component called the “Dabomizer.” Dabomizer, man. How cool is that name? It looks like a miniature Apollo space capsule and consists of a “coil-cup”, a deep reservoir to contain your wax or shatter and a flow cap that screws on to keep everything in place.

Santa Cruz vapeThe Santa Cruz vape pen delivers really large hits that are consistently tasty. That’s because the dudes at Santa Cruz Culture dialed-in the perfect temp to eliminate burning and charring your precious oil and boost its flavor. Holding the monogrammed button will only engage the coil for about seven seconds.

One thing we really dig about the Santa Cruz vape pen, aside from it’s sweet looks, is its pass-through charging system that allows you to chief while charging. Their vape starter kit comes with  a meter long USB cable that attaches firmly with a nice resounding click. It’s nothing like those cheap-ass charges that come lose and stop working the second you brush up against the cord. Don’t you just fuckin’ hate that? We hear the Dabomizer’s 650mAh lithium-ion battery and gold plated electrode will deliver over 20 pulls a day every month. That means each charge delivers about 600 hits—which should last the average stoner about the better part of an afternoon.

Santa Cruz Vape Pen reviewThe Santa Cruz wax pen is the brainchild of long time medical pot patient Ryan Okrant who grew up in Santa Cruz—located about 45 minutes south of Silicon Valley. He tells us that he loves to vape and loves vape pens but noticed one major problem; every vape pen he purchased broke within days. So he launched his company, Santa Cruz Culture, to create a discreet, durable and quality vape pen. And we can testify that he did just that. Plus he did it with style.

More information on the Santa Cruz Vape Pen featuring the “Dabomizer” from Santa Cruz Culture can be found at Use code SSL and get 10% off!
Santa Cruz Vape Pen review

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  1. Nick

    I want this product cause im a constant user of wax, shatter, and all forms of thc my G, my rig also recently broke 2 weeks ago and this would come in super clutch and help me out alot. Thanks for reading have a good one

  2. Aza

    Hey guys I would absolutely love one of these, have been meaning to get into vaping but not had the cash to start. One of these would be awesome. My lungs would thanks you for it 🙂
    Stay High

  3. Macky Cosmos

    Nice. This is good to see, people building vapes for vapers!

  4. Efren Adalem

    I would like to support Ryan Okrant and this HIGH quality and durable product.

  5. JonnyD

    What a beauty! SWEET 🙂

  6. Sam

    I would like it because my current vape is pretty crappy.

  7. Sarah Morrowind

    I would love to win this product because it would be very useful in my daily life and I will not have to carry around a heavy rig anymore I will be able to medicate on the go!

  8. Bek Flo

    I would like the opportunity to have a pen for my walks with my rescue pup. Also would be nice to show people in humboldt county what a real vape pen looks like. My brother lives down in SC, his #santacruzvape pen is amazing!

  9. Mikey Alcala

    I could use this pen because I live in a community where there’s lots of families and kids and it could be a great alternative than my smelly sneak a toke! Haha

  10. Trevor McCormick

    Siiiiick vape, I need this bad boy because mine are both broken. Fuuuu.

  11. Tanya Riley

    I want to win it bc there’s so much sweet juice to vape, its so shiny and sleek <3

  12. Stephen K

    I would want this because any new way to get my thc is my sorta thing

  13. Melissa R

    Would love to own and try one of these! Recently moved to a new state and had to leave behind all my stoner equipment, would be a great start to my new collection!

  14. Tara Harrison

    Hi I am writing this Comment regarding the Free Santa Cruz Cape Pen, & I could really really use it I am constantly breaking my Glass Pieces, and this looks like Exceptionally HIGH QUALITY and would really like to give it a try. I hope I WIN! 😉

  15. Tara Harrison

    I meant VAPE**

  16. Ethan

    I like to smoke. I can use this to smoke. Thats why i want it.

  17. Dan Miller

    I want this because it is awesome!

  18. Jake Smith

    Would like this because of its cool design

  19. Paul

    It is quality

  20. Jim

    This looks nice, and it is a healthier alternative

  21. Mike

    Looks durable

  22. Robert L

    Very cool look

  23. Stewart

    This looks great for chilling out

  24. Eric

    Need this to help my lungs out, thanks!

  25. Shawn

    Thanks for the chance. I would like this because it is convenient and looks cool.

  26. Bob T

    I’m trying to be healthy and this would help.

  27. George

    Want this because it looks like it works well

  28. Lou

    Fantastic design to this

  29. Roger

    Seems advanced

  30. Niamed

    I want it because…. i know this will turn homosapien heads towards my direction.
    all a matter of perspective

  31. foshee

    The first pen I landed on. The only pen worth buying

  32. Cody p

    Love to try this out. Never tried one and if I win this I will be putting it to work

  33. Jason

    I’d love to win cuz I need a rechargeable vape pen 😀

  34. Edy Haskull

    I would REALLY like to have this pen, because it looks like it was made well! I NEED something reliable for medicating, something I can count daily… And Santa Cruz is cool! Thanks.

  35. Susan

    I’m current looking at various vape models and this one looks impressive. I’d like to start vaping to save some wear and tear on my lungs vs constant bong rips while medicating. My doctor tells me if I’m not vaping, I’m not doing it right. 😀

  36. Cory

    I’d love to win this, I’d use the product for rosin, wax and budder! I’d love to be able to tell people all about “stuff stoners like” and how great they are, repping prizes as dope as this pen would be a honour!

  37. David Banks

    I don’t have a vape pen but have been wanting one…

  38. David Banks

    I don’t own a vape pen but I have always wanted one.

  39. Count Dabula

    I don’t have a Facebook….

  40. Gregory

    I would love to win this becouse i live in south florida were cops are just out of hand. Wining this would help me stay descrete and irie

  41. Rona

    I want this because I Love to Dab & I’m Originally from Santa Cruz, I need this I’ve got to Respresent!

  42. Anonymous

    I’ve never had one 🙁

  43. Moikern

    I would like this pen because on my side of the world, we mix with tobccao, and that’s really unhealthy. I would like to quit using it and vape only. Also the cannabis products here is expansive as ****! 😉

  44. Taylor R

    I have heard great things about the Santa Cruz products. Would love to try out for myself!! 🙂

  45. angela

    Dang… I haven’t won one yet and have none. This would be super-cool!!!

  46. Fooch the MC

    Wussup fam,
    I want to win this Santa Cruz pen because my ol lady got me a kandi stix pen for Father’s Day last year and I was super stoked only to find out that the product, though cool, was cheap and poorly made. I was a big blunt smoker until I got introduced to vaping and now that’s all I really like to do. Thanks for your consideration guys! Peace

  47. Kj Cobb

    I would like to win this because my other one was stolen

  48. Sam B

    I’ve never owned a vape and haven’t had the dough to start using again. This would be a godsend.

  49. Jay

    Owning one of the would make medicating much easier for me. Being a college student, cash doesn’t flow as freely as it used to. I really hope I win this.

  50. Brenden Hewitt

    I would love this vape cause I wanna take a ride on my magical carpet to Dopeland and eat some deep fried Oreos. Plus it looks cool af.

  51. David brooks

    I wanna be like all the cool kidz with the Vapes. Hook me up! #vapelife #SantaCruzVape

  52. David brooks

    Also, because i want to win something on Twitter! #birthdaywishlist #SantaCruzVape #vape

  53. Cammi

    I need this for my arthritis so I can stop coughing because it hurts my spine when I do. Plus it’s my birthday month

  54. Bek Flo

    And The winner is….?
    #santacruzvape #cruzculture #medicine #giveaway

  55. Brian Rudderow

    Wow I guess I’m too late for this one then, huh? I wonder if I’ll ever get a free vape pen

  56. Stoner Stuff

    We are kicking down vape pens & C02 cartridges!!!

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