SCROG aka Sea of Green Growing Explained

scrogSCROG aka Sea of Green Growing Explained

Do you know how to SCROG?

SCROG is definitely stuff stoners like. Short for sea of green or sometimes screen of green SCROG basically involves training your flowering marijuana plant horizontally under your lighting system. Scrogging is an ideal way to maximize the amount of canopy that receives light from HID or high-intensity discharge lamps.


Scrogging requires a SCROG screen to hold back to tops of the canopy. You can buy a pre-made scrog screen or use use some rope, nylon string or chicken wire. Ideally, the screen should have holes with a 5-cm diameter.

Anyhow the sea of green method is great if you have a small closet type grow space. With the scrog method you can boost your yield by growing more plants. But a sea of green grow also ups the amount of plants you’ll need, which could lead to legal issues.

The main concept behind a SCROG is to actually create a sea of green buds instead of a few plants with one giant single bud. It’s this multiple bud look that gives this method it’s name. As the plants grow through the screen gardens just push them back down under the screen and tie them back. Training the plants in this way increases bud sites and allows growers to maximize their grow space and indoor marijuana harvest.

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sea of green
Here’s a nice sea of green grow

Scrogging steps

Hang your scrog net should be a close to your lights as possible. You’ll train your plants tops as they go of course. This will increase the number of marijuana buds that have access to light and in turn boost the amount of bud you harvest. Scrogging is a great way to keep garden height down and ensure that none of your precious buds burn under the intense indoor lights.

The SCROG method works well for both Sativas and Indicas. In fact the sea of green method is particularly great for Sativas that love to grow tall and lanky if growers are looking to tame their stretch during the long flower period.

Vegging is crucial when it comes to maximizing the benefits of a scrog grow. You typically want to veg an Indica strain a bit long than a Sativa strain because it won’t stretch as much during the latter during first few weeks of the flowering stage.

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scrog grow method

Sea of green trimming

Some scrog growers like to remove the larger fan leaves in an attempt to direct more energy to growing marijuana buds. Some prefer to tie them back under the screen in order to preserve their ability to soak in sunlight and diminish recovery time.

Key to screen of green? Air

Also crucial to the sea of green technique is proper air circulation. Scrog growing build a thicker more dense canopy than growing plants with just one top. A thicker canopy could result in trapped air, increasing humidity and a chance for mold. That’s why clean air circulation is very important. Make sure to pull in air from outside the grow room using an intake fan and circulate the fresh air using fans. Ducting your grow lights will also reduce temperature inside your grow room which should also reduce humidity. If all else fails you could grab a dehumidifier. You could also opt for strains that are particularly prone to mold resistance. Chernobyl is one.

outdoor scrog
Beautiful outdoor scrog grow

Outdoor SCROG

The sea of green grow method isn’t just for indoor grow ops. Nope we’ve seen plenty of outdoor scrog grows over the years—both in full sun and in greenhouse grow ops. We’ve seen modified scrog grows that delivered just a few plants that were fifteen feet tall with the scrog screen, that required a ladder to adjust, that created a massive canopy. It all depends on grow style and preference.

The scrog method rocks because it maximizes yield without maximizing the amount of effort it takes to grow weed. If done correctly the Sea of Green will deliver a fat sea of dense buds that are completely coated with lush, glistening trichomes. Now that’s stuff stoners like.

Have you ever tried the sea of green growing method? Tell us about your sea of green grow exploits in the comments below.

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  1. Jefthro

    Scrog is “Screen Of Green” – training one or several plants to a screen or netting.

    Sea of green is growing many plants starting on a 12/12 (12 hours light/12 hours darkness) lighting schedule to get a single cola off every plant while creating a “Sea of Green” look with an even canopy of colas.

    Otherwise nice article.

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