Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on DOJ’s Marijuana Decision

Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on DOJ’s Marijuana DecisionSenate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on DOJ’s Marijuana Decision
Today is the day federal legalization of marijuana becomes a possibility or more likely a reality for all Americans. The Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting in DC to discuss federal legalization of marijuana. The times are a changing and we are about to witness history in the making.

The committee chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat from Vermont, says the timing of the meeting was triggered by the recent statement from Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, declaring the federal government will take a hands off approach to the states as they determine there own way to legalization.

A recent poll by Pew Research Center suggests at least half of America favors legalization. And now it seems politicians are starting to listen to the people. You know when John McCain goes on the record stating, “Maybe we should legalize marijuana…I respect the will of the people,” a tipping point has been reached.

The Drug Policy Alliance reported in a press release today, that the House has introduced nine bipartisan marijuana law reform bills, including two bills that would end federal marijuana prohibition. Last year, 163 representatives voted last year to prohibit the DEA from undermining state medical marijuana laws, including 28 Republicans. Earlier this year 225 House members approved a successful amendment allowing colleges and universities to grow industrial hemp for research purposes, if it’s legal under state law.

Crazy. The one thing congress can agree on is giving the people the right to use and consume cannabis. What would our forefathers think? Well…they would probably think what the hell? How did weed become illegal in the first place?

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  1. kelley davis

    Now we need to reschedule marijuana based on real science and not political BS dreamed up because some paranoid nut hated Hippies. What an unnecessary detour this was. :/

  2. Stoner Stuff

    Hell YA! Let’s RELEGALIZE IT

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