Sexing Marijuana Plants

male and female signsSexing cannabis 101

Sexing marijuana plants is easy. It just takes a little practice. And not that much practice either. Once you’ve seen a vegging marijuana plant mature into a male marijuana plant with your own two eyes you’ll have no problem sexing cannabis ever again. In fact sexing marijuana is not only simple it’s fundamental to producing marijuana plants that’ll deliver great bud year after year at little to no cost. Especially if you’re for yourself either growing marijuana indoors or out. Why? Because you can produce seeds or ensure that you don’t waste your time, energy or money growing male marijuana plants that won’t produce pot.

Anyhow if you want to grow a weed plant that’ll produce some really dank weed, you’ll want to ensure that your plant is a female marijuana plant. A male marijuana plant doesn’t produce much THC if at all. Sure you can keep your male cannabis plant if you’re looking to breed or some shit. But more or less you’re going to want to toss it before it gets big enough to seed your bud. Which brings us to our next point. If you want great weed you’ll want to make sure that your female weed plant produces no seeds. To reach your goal you’ll need to identify whether you have male or female marijuana plants (or both) as soon as possible.

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male marijuana plant
Here’s a male marijuana plant with those little telltale banana-looking things

Sexing cannabis requires attention to detail. Here are 5 tips to help you spot the male and female signs on your growing marijuana plants:

  1. Keep an eye on the vegetative growth stage. A female marijuana plant tends to produce more complex branching than a male marijuana plant. This is especially true when marijuana plants progress from the seedling stage to the vegetative stage. A male weed plant also tends to be slightly taller and lankier than a female weed plant. Now don’t go on tossin’ any pot plants because of these reasons. This is the beginning stage of sexing cannabis plants. At this point you just want to make a note of growth patterns so you can you get an idea of which plants to watch down the road. Now when it comes to growing weed indoors you won’t have this advantage. That’s because marijuana plants under consistent artificial lights don’t usually express these tendencies.
  1.  Here’s a sexing pot plants pro tip for ya—a male marijuana plant matures faster than a female marijuana plant. A male cannabis plant will generally reach sexual maturity about two weeks before a female weed plant. It’ll also produce these little banana looking things. These are the dude’s little pollen sacs. A male marijuana plant will also grow a lot taller than a female. That way he can drop pollen on the female weed plant’s buds or reproductive organs.
  2. All marijuana plants will produce flowers. However when it comes to sexing cannabis flowers are a dead giveaway. A male marijuana plant will have flowers that bloom from those little banana-looking things. These banana thing are key to sexing cannabis plants. You see ’em and your cannabis sexing has concluded—you’ve got boys. Anyhow those bananas will eventually sprout flowers. They won’t get you high, no. Bu they’ll either be white or yellow. A female weed plant won’t have this shit. She’ll have those thick, hairy, sticky, white pistils. Those white pistils will trap pollen dropped from male marijuana flowers. If you wait too long to look for the male and femaile signs of your marijuana plants and you’ve got both sexes in the same room—you might as well turn on some Barry White. Because bow-chicka-wow-wow—you’ll have lots of marijuana seeds soon. No big deal, dude. You’ll still have bud—and now lots of marijuana seeds for sale. Your bud will just have a little less THC content than it could have had.
  3. Try and identify where the sprout split from the seed. Some growers say that if the sprout comes out of the top or bottom of the seed, it’s generally a female marijuana plant. Side sprouts generally turn out to be a male cannabis plant. Sounds crazy, but we’ve heard it’s true—growers who have used this method report a 90% success rate. Don’t just throw away the marijuana seeds if they sprout out of the sides. They might not produce a male marijuana plant for sure. Again just make a note and keep an eye on that pot plant down the road.
  4. Take a cutting of your marijuana plant and expose it to a flowering photoperiod. Aside from starting with female marijuana seeds this is the only foolproof way of sexing cannabis before plants reach maturity. Because the clone of a plant shares the exact same DNA as its donor plant, it’ll share the same sex. So once it starts flowering, you’ll know if the donor is a male marijuana plant or not. Just don’t get stoned and forget which clone goes with which donor plant.
sexing cannabis
Sexing cannabis is easy once you know what to look for, man

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Sometimes you’ll see male and female signs on the same marijuana plant. And that’s not good. What you’ve got is called a hermaphrodite. It’s probably the result of light hitting the plant suddenly during the dark cycle. That’s no good either. You can still harvest this stuff, of course, but your weed ain’t going to be as potent as it could have been. You’ll probably also want to toss those cannabis seeds too. They’re likely to be hermies themselves. Anyhow good luck with you marijuana plants.

Sexing cannabis seeds

Don’t laugh. People have actually wondered about sexing cannabis seeds. Here’s the thing, man. You can’t tell the difference between a male or female cannabis seed by just looking at it. So sexing cannabis seeds isn’t really a thing. You can, however, purchase or even create what are know as feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds will grow into a female cannabis plant for certain. But judging sex by looking at seeds isn’t possible.

Tell us about your experience with cannabis sex and how you determine if you’ve got a male or female marijuana plants or any other weird cannabis sexing experiences you’ve had in the comment section below.

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    Ordered seeds through AMS and one plant looked and grew faster than the others. It definitely has little white balls that look like seeds. They were in with our 3 other females that we have started the flowing stage a week ago. Are those plants ruined? Bummin out!! Please email me

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