SF’s 1st Medical Marijuana Farmers Market this Saturday

Everyone aside from medical marijuana patients in Oakland and a couple other Bay-Area towns DON’T pay tax on medicine! Weed, the HEALING OF THE NATION is extremely expensive, only because prohibition, and to add a tax…for the sick to pay seems abusive, doesn’t it?

And as a result, many pot patients are finding it’s even cheaper to buy weed from dudes off the street than at a legally operating medical-marijuana dispensary. With all-out legalization on the ballot in November, who knows what’ll happen to pot prices and distribution centers at the end of the year. All that lucrative California economy-saving tax revenue you keep hearing about is based on current weed prices. According to research published today by the group RAND Corporation, legalizing marijuana in California could drop prices to nearly a tenth of current levels. High quality marijuana could fall to as low as $38 per ounce! You ain’t gonna get much tax revenue from that.

To ease the cost of the best medicine on Earth, San Francisco’s Angelic Cisneros has a new take on the old farmer’s market idea. She’s planned the first ever open-air medical marijuana farmers market in San Francisco.

“We want to create an atmosphere where patients who have extra medicine or farmers who have extra medicine to offer medicine at discounted price,” Cisneros says. “Our goal is to make is to make medicine affordable to people who are indigent or low income — like me, I’m low income.”

San Francisco’s first ever medical marijuana farmer’s market is happening this Saturday, July 12 at Jelly’s Café (295 Terry Francois Blvd. @3rd). Admission is free to 18 and older medical marijuana patients. At the event, Dennis Peron will be hosting a meet and greet book signing thang and there’ll be a ton of vendors, supporters, and artists on hand as well. Oh and hopefully lots and lots of low-priced, high-quality herb!

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