Stoners Don’t Like Showtime’s Weeds

showtime weedsShowtime Weeds? Meh.

Showtime’s Weed is so inaccurate and stereotypical that it’ll kill at least 7-billion brain cells in your head if you watch a single episode. Don’t do it! You know how many brain cells you’d kill if you smoked just one joint? Who fucking cares, right? Anyhow this, Weeds, show ain’t Stuff Stoners Like…shit it ain’t even for stoners. Weeds if for people who LOVE money more than they LOVE weed. Because that’s exactly what the show is about…a bunch of assholes who LOVE MONEY MORE THAN WEED! So what if there’s some greedy hot chick on the show? Everyone digs hot chicks…even hot chicks dig hot chicks. But, there are all kinds of hot pot chicks all over television, man. Remember Dukes of Hazzard with that stoned chick who’d wear denim panties all the time? She was hot. Terry from Three’s Company sold weed down at the Regal Beagle and was a super hottie. And c’mon, you couldn’t have tuned in to a single fucking game show in the past couple of decades, like Card Sharks, or The Price is Right, or our fave High Rollers without seeing some hot chicks who made their living pointing at shit while stoned. If we’re gonna pay for tv we’d way rather watch HBO’s Flight of the Conchords because those dudes are always baked, they’re funny as hell and that show is waaaay more stoney than Weeds, plus, they’ve got a really hot chick on there too. (hey there Mel, er…uhm…beautiful Kristen Schaal…call us)

Stoners Don’t Like Showtime’s WeedsWeeds perpetuates harmful stereotypes just like DEA agents, marijuana prohibitionists, US President’s with the last name Bush, and that one fucking hold-out dentist motherfucker who still thinks Trident Sugarless Gum causes cavities! We’d do some research to flush out and list those negative  stereotypes and then proceed to make fun of ’em, but we’ve never really watched an episode of Weeds. So instead we just did a Google search and stole some other haters’ shit and pasted it here to make our point. “The black mother is a large, domineering woman who rules the roost with pithy snark, the black daughter is a young, unwed mother with a surly attitude, the black son is a drugdealer, the Hispanic woman is a maid, the Hispanic man is a drugdealer, the young Indian guy works at Quikeemart and is a neutered, clueless naif, the young white son is a smart but awkward loser, the Jewish uncle is a conniving parasite, and the Jewish uncle’s love interest is a pretty, but masculine, militaristic Israeli.” Judging from all that judging  going on we can’t really tell if Weeds is a revolutionary new kind of programing or KKK propaganda (or both).

Stoners Don’t Like Showtime’s WeedsBut, we’ve payed enough attention to realize that Weeds, however, ain’t doing shit to progress the legalization movement, man. They’re just trying to cash in on and market to stoners like Jack in the Box did with those lame-ass commercials featuring some stoner gettin’ all confused at the drive-up. And, sadly, because of the popularity of weed nowadays Weeds seems to have a lot of cultural capital at the moment which annoys the shit outta stoners! It’s a shame that Weeds really isn’t keeping up with the times, man, because cute suburban soccer mom’s in 13 states across the nation are selling and growing weed…LEGALLY! (Wouldn’t it be much cooler to focus on legally-run marijuana dispensaries?

What’s really frightening about Weeds is how it spreads insideous misinformation about marijuana and undermines the marijuna movement PLUS casts stoners in a negative light. According to wiki/Weeds_(TV_series) the main character “Nancy Botwin was a loving, benevolent, all-American PTA soccer mom until her husband Judah suddenly dropped dead. To maintain the suburban lifestyle to which she was accustomed, Nancy entered the dangerous world of drug dealing. Her regular clients include…blah blah blah”.

Dangerous world of drug dealing? We thought the show was about selling WEED not DRUGS! How fucking destructive! We’ve been fighting marijuana prohibition and that Reefer Madness mentality since the fucking 30’s and language like this does nothing but DESTROY our efforts. Marijuana is MEDICINE! The American Medical Association recently reversed its position on marijuana and has urged the FEDS to support investigation and clinical research on weed for medicinal use and to reassess weed’s Schedule I controlled substance categorization.

So FUCK YOU WEEDS! Fuck you for perpetuating harmful stereotypes that damage all the hardwork we’ve all done to spread the truth about marijuana and our efforts to get the best medication on Earth into the hands of those who need it!

Q: Number of brain cells lost watching an episode of Weeds? A: 7 billion

Q: Number of brain cells lost smoking weed? A: 0

39 Responses to “Stoners Don’t Like Showtime’s Weeds”

  1. Ras

    # of brain cells killed watching weeds on weed?


  2. lucyjane

    Show is just Hollywood glorifying stereotypes. Way to see through the bullshit!

  3. jack

    Watch weeds with someone who grows, they’ll spend the whole time screaming about how wrong all the growing stuff in the show is.

  4. Baschive

    i never really watched the show but i heard its about some mom selling weed, what kinda shit is that

  5. ben

    that show is lame

  6. LucysPet

    People need to stop OD’ing on the haterade. The show sucks. The theme song is perpetually stuck in my head. Her son is cute, though…so thumbs up for that.

  7. to anon/kurt

    You can’t abbreviate the word ‘see’ to ‘c’ and the word ‘you’ to ‘u’ and ‘you’re’ to ‘ur’ and ‘are’ to ‘r’ and completely bungle your punctuation – and then call somebody else a retard.

    Bad, TV addict. Bad.

  8. Truth

    Show sucked in season 1 and still sucks in season 5.

  9. Name

    um, weed IS a drug. it’s funny that the only people who think it isn’t are dumbass stoners. sounds like drug addict denial to me.

  10. dude

    I have to agree with God on this…people who use weed are as diverse as everyone else.
    Let’s not get stuck in a “stoner” catagory that makes others think we all think alike.
    I never watched Weeds…saw the hot chick and thought: I don’t care if there’s a hemp
    leaf on it, you’ve insulted my intelligence with primitive sexist advertising, no thanks.
    Trailer Park Boys, if anything…bad stereotypes, terrible writing, but funny as hell.

  11. Tom

    I have to agree. The first season was alright. After that, it went downhill fast.

  12. Joe

    Like some said… First couple of seasons was ok but now its not even about pot anymore!

  13. Marvin

    I actually thought Weeds was pretty good (if entirely unrealistic) the first couple of seasons … but since then it’s been terrible. I stopped watching it a couple of seasons ago.

  14. anonymous

    first off weeds is a good show, second off weed is a great herb. third, anyone who is against either of the two shouldnt be on this at all.

  15. Anthony

    It’s a really good show. It kind of sounds like whoever wrote this desperately needs a joint to mellow the **** out. It’s a SHOW. Not a documentary.

  16. Captain Awesome

    That so is a lot better than most of the crap that is on tv.

  17. blue dream

    i watch it , only because many of the guys are hott , not too bad when ur stoned yooo .

  18. Pink0™

    I barely made it through the first episode and that was absolute torture. Don’t remember the last time I was so bored. Nothing remotely interesting happened the entire time. Oh wait, a couple people had sex. It just reminded me that I could be having sex instead of watching this crap…

  19. Sabrina

    I really don’t understand why the show is still on. After the first few seasons it became unbearable to watch. Weed isn’t even the focus anymore.

  20. Danny

    Yes Weeds is unrealistic and archetypal, but so are most shows. Those of us who enjoy Weeds get a double laugh because we get to laugh at a funny show (that admittedly got worse as the seasons went on) and we get to laugh at the fuming stoners who take tv a little too seriously.

    Weed is a drug. It is also a plant and medicine. Propanolol is medicine. It is also a drug. Shit, the pharmacological definition of “drug” is pretty much synonymous with “medicine.” If you sell weed to people, you are a drug dealer. You can’t simply ignore what words mean because you don’t like the way it makes weed sound or whatever. I’m not talking shit on weed, because I’ve been smoking for 10 years and I love it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a drug. It is.

  21. Banjo

    I was looking eervyewhre and this popped up like nothing!

  22. Insanemoe

    its a fucking show man!!! you need a big joint to calm down.
    its not a biography, its like a movie but divided in episodes and it talks about weed, drugs, crime, caricaturisation of suburbs, stupidity and life in general.

    its not an award winning show but at least its different than glee and all that glitter baby cock licking fagget shows that you see more and more, like vampires show.

  23. dobrev

    I’m a stoner and I love Weeds. That’s brilliant. The writing, the acting etc. I’m really curious what you all consider a good tv show nowdays? Or you take yourselves too seriously to even watch television? 🙂

  24. Thor

    … I kinda like it, not for the weed stuff, but because they actually developed a lot of interesting characters. They are depicting the greedy culture, not glorifying it

  25. Anonymous

    Weeds is a great show! I didn’t start watching it because I was curious about the reality of the pot business, I watched it because I liked weed &I figured it deserved a chance. I disagree that it got worse as it went on-i still hooked, but that’s just me (:

  26. PKPKPK

    I like weed. I like Weeds. I’m not offended because I’m an adult. Its entertainment. Get over it.

  27. Cc

    I can’t agree with you more. WEEDS is a horrible show. I think the first couple of seasons were ok, when she met the Mexican drug kingpin and the story took that turn the show went downhill quickly and I quit watching by season 5. It does generalize marijuana in all the negatives, it’s unrealistic and the writing after the first few seasons was horrid. I have no idea why this show is popular, but I do understand why it’s on Showtime and not HBO. Show must have a lot of part-time stoners and wannabes who watch this garbage. 

  28. Sliver N Black Sabbath

    Weeds sucks and is too unrealistic.  It seems like a woman’s show to me.  I’ll stick with Breaking Bad for my drug show (and marijuana is not a drug). 

  29. stone

    i think its a good show, Doug Wilson and Andy, the jewish uncle, are fuckin hilarious.

  30. DavidL123

    Not a big fan of it, gave it a try. They just use marijuana as a way to get people interested in the show as a gimmick and not much more, doesn’t seem like the people involved research anything thoroughly and I doubt any one of them really smoke bud. Not that it matters but if you’re going to do a show about selling weed and growing it as a central premise then you have to be accurate and technical i.e “Breaking Bad”, they just use weed as a poor excuse to build a show around it which is basically a drama about a woman (who I find less and less likable the more I watch it) who is attractive and apparently too lazy to get a normal job to provide a decent life for her children. Instead she is walking disaster pulling everyone into her vortex of misery and destruction, thats all it is, I could care less if she dies. Basically you have the title “Weeds” but everything around it bringing people in to watch it is just moronic drama caused by easily avoidable situations and/or highly unlikely scenarios, imo its a wreck. Im a stoner and I don’t like it, makes us all look like lazy asshats looking for a easy way to get money. Most of the people who like this show enough to be dedicated to it aren’t real potheads, they may smoke a little here and there but to anyone like me who has actually had grow ops with one room just for mother plants and another just for clones…. This show is just laughable and corny, it is not realistic and if it were real she would have been killed a long time ago along with anyone around her for crossing over into a criminal world with no idea of how things work or in the very least incarcerated for a sustained period for being so careless and her kids taken away from her. In reality any woman her age with her looks would seek to land a husband with money to secure a future for herself and her kids, not attempt to grow/sell marijuana like it literally grows itself like Dandelions, it is not as easy as they make it look, the time frame of seeds to dry bud yields alone… I mean c’mon now, its like they didn’t even watch a 10 minute video on Youtube on growing, it is not good for the overall image of marijuana, this show is ridiculous and the writing is atrocious, its only lasted this long because of its title.   

  31. mommymedicates

    she fucks more guys than she does smoke weed

  32. Tiluriso

    The first 3 or 4 seasons were cool in my opinion. Plus it has/has a fine cast of actors.

  33. Chapowingo9

    The show peaked at season five there is no way she would have gotten passed the cartel kingpin they would of killed her long time ago i agree the more i watch it the more i hate it. The only reason why i kept watching it is because if i started it might just as well finish it. To top it off its more like a soap popper, the show seems too stretched out it should of ended couple seasons back. All her situations are way highly unlikly too fake and when they do smoke weed its lame they act it out really bad

  34. D C

    I watch weeds for the two hot teenage boys…

  35. D C

    Yes, both are hilarious.

  36. Tyler

    I’d just like to point out that the show creator is jewish. And she doesn’t just distribute weed, she also traffics heroine and illegal firearms. So the show is bad but more because of it’s lazy writing than anything.

  37. kristian

    I love weeds. The characters are hilarious and the plot twists are insane. I’ve been watching the series a second time to catch my bf up on it. We love it and will always love it. Kohan rocks

  38. Cannabis Seeds

    So true, not my kind of humour.

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