Slow Growing Marijuana Plant Advice

Slow Growing Marijuana PlantSlow Growing Marijuana Plant Advice

Question: I have a three month old marijuana plant that’s outdoors and has only grown to about 7 inches. So far its shown its sex to be female—its just really small. Its gotten a pretty regular supply of water as well as good sunlight and there are no dying or yellowing leaves. So what’s the deal?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: We know that you love this plant. If she’s seven inches tall and you’ve been nurturing her for three months, you’ve got to love her. Hate to say it, my friend, but unfortunately you’ve got an auto that’s small, as some of them can be, or you’ve got a bum seed.

We don’t know what the strain is, so it’s hard to guess about the real issue. Most importantly, however, you’re having fun and learning from it. You never know—she might flower out, know what I mean? At the end of the day though, no matter where you are, it’s still worth the time.

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We don’t know if you put this seed straight into soil, transplanted it or whatever. But on your next go around you want to make sure you’re using fresh seeds and some good soil from your nursery or hydro store. Get your plants going in pots first. Then take them outside and transplant them either into big containers or go right in the ground. If you choose to go right into the Earth make sure to add some fresh soil. Then you can transplant your plant into the hole and it will do really well. It’s a good idea to do that around the time summer starts so you can have a good long growing season. And make sure you start with good seeds—brown, tight—lizard eggs—that’s what we call ‘em.

All of our love from The Kitchen! Stay lifted, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

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