Smoking on Purple (freestyle)

Check out LyriclyEducatedMel freestyling to Smoking On Purple by: Lil Boosie & then visit: This vid’s about one of our favorite things in the world: purple weed.


Smoking on Purple (freestyle)
Dolar after dollar best belive im on my grind,
Tell your chick bounce back she ain’t stealing my shine,
On the beat thugging only thinking bout cash,
If you wanna battle i ain’t tripping thats your ass,
Im lyricly educated,
Money is what im making,
Im real i do no faking,
Haters keep keep on hating blow a kiss i’ll see you later,
Got a smile on my face cause that bitch won’t mess with me,
And after its all done i’ma laugh and watch you bleed,
Real gangsta chick sit back and smoke my weed,
Never talk to the haters only fuck with the G’s,
Fakes not in my blood I don’t even know the definition,
Think you can handel this? Hoe you better keep wishing,
Mel is my name and belive I keep it real,
I don’t think before I talk I just speak on how I feel,
Everything right man the crew about to chill,
Always keep my promises a deal is a deal,
Messy hoes keep whispering,
But im not really listening,
Say it to my face yeah im talking to you,
Fucking the whole “backstreet” smelling like some seafood,
Who im throwing this for you ain’t even got to ask,
Yall some lil children go wash your ratched ass,
Pound for pound lick for lick,
Yall think yall bad but look Mel be on some other shit

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