BREAKNG NEWS — Smoking Pot Can Save Your Ass

Yep it’s true…there are chemicals in marijuana, cannabinoids, that, according to new research, can put the brakes on colon cancer.

Raymond DuBois and his colleagues at the University of Texas have discovered that a key receptor (CB1) for cannabinoids is turned off in most types of human colon cancer. Without this receptor, a protein called Survivin, which stops cells from dying, increases unchecked and causes tumour growth.

It’s key that we continue research using marijuana as a medicine. Make sure to vote in favor of medical marijuana November 4th.

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  1. Mike Hansen

    ‘Marijuana is a girls name, a Spanish American colloquialism and the prohibitionests have been using this Mexican word for over 100 years. Become educated now, before it’s to late. The Swedish botanist named this wounderful plant ‘Cannabis’ over 300 years ago. Give this ‘healing herb’ the respect it’s due and give yourself the education you deserve. Learn the botanically correct terminology for for this medicine, ‘Cannabis’. Free yourselves from the ‘prohibitionists grip’. ‘Hindsight’s 20/20.


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