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resin in a weed bowlSmoking Resin

Smoking resin happens. Lots of stoners have done it, dude. Why? Mainly because they’ve got no more weed and a ton of pipe resin. Why else would anyone be smoking resin. If you’ve got weed—you’d be smoking that instead, right? Anyhow, We’re not here to judge, just here to give you the low down on smoking cannabis resin, answer the ever-popular questions—is smoking resin bad and is there thc in resin. Plus we’ll even teach you how to smoke resin. iI you’re completely desperate that is. But before we how to smoke resin and then how to smoke resin—let’s do a little Q&A.

What is resin?

What is resin or what is weed resin are questions we get asked all the time. So we thought we’d put this post together. Anyhow resin is the stuff that builds up in your pipes and bongs over time after using ‘em. Sometimes its called weed resin or pipe resin or just resin. Either way it’s nasty, sticky, icky stuff. This stuff is the exact opposite of live resin. What’s live resin, you ask? See below.

What is live resin?

Like BHO live resin is a hydrocarbon solvent processing technique however instead of relying on dried and cured bud or dried trim, live resin uses freshly harvested buds. Those buds are plucked off the plant and quickly frozen. We’re talking cryogenics here. That’s so processors can and are capture a ton of those tasty and fregrant terpene-rich essential oils that connoisseurs love so much. Live resin is also one of the best techniques to concentrate THC as well.

Is there THC in resin?

Yes. Resin contains minimal amounts of THC. Most of weed’s THC burn up when you light  but there is some residual THC that gets caught up in that resin. We can tell ya from experience that you definitely can get high smoking resin. But it doesn’t taste very good and it takes more resin than weed to achieve any high.

Does resin get you high?

Like we said above, yes resin will get you high. There is a bit of residual THC in resin and it will deliver a high. It’s nothing like the real thing, though. But if you’ve got no weed and no other options. Smoking resin might be better than nothing.

Is smoking resin bad?

Yes. What do you think? Of course smoking resin, which is basically just tar, a little ash and burnt carbon, is a lot worse for you than smoking marijuana flowers, hash or concentrates. Smoking anything is bad for the respiratory system. That’s why vape pens and vaporizers are so popular nowadays, dude—because they eliminate the harms associated with carcinogens.

Of course an occasion hit or two of resin isn’t going to kill you. If you’re desperate just weigh your options. And maybe don’t make a habit out of smoking resin. That’s all we’re saying.

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weed resin
Would you smoke this WEED resin?

How to scrape resin

So you’re desperate to get stoned. It’s cool. Many stoners have been there too. We ain’t here to judge. So the best way to scrape resin is to just go for it. Use a wooden skewer or paper clip—basically whatever you can find to help pull chunks of resin from your piece. You might want to heat the pipe or the tool you’re using to scrape resin. Heat loosens the resin and will help you extract it. However as it warms it gets stickier, stinkier and drippier—basically a whole lot messier. Avoid touching it or getting it on your clothes or the carpet. And bust out the iso alcohol while you’re at it to clean up everything when you’re done. You might want to grab a gum wrapper or wax paper to use to help collect your weed resin.

Best way to smoke resin

The best way to smoke resin is to just dry hit the pipe. Don’t even bother scraping it. Sure you could scrape the shit out of your pipe, collect a fat resin ball and the plop it in your weed bowl to smoke it. Why go through the trouble when there’s resin already in the pipe. Hit your pipe like you’ve got stuff in the bowl, puff a few times and the resin will heat up and begin to smoke. It’s that simple. But be careful as the resin heats up fast and in return will heat your pipe quickly so don’t get burned.

Avoid rolling your resin ball into a snake and then using rolling paper to smoke it. It’s too thick and you won’t have any airflow. Resin and your vape pen do not go together. Well unless you want to taste funky resin for the rest of that device’s life. Resin vaporizes at a much higher temp than trichomes so you’re just going to make a mess.

If you do have a resin ball and a bong or some sort of water pipe that may be the best way to smoke resin. At least the water will filter out some of the harmful components. Also avoid making a tea or tincture or using weed resin in edibles. Weed resin, even though it has a minimal amount of THC is basically a nasty waste product.

Smoking weed resin is unhealthy and just plain nasty. But so is listening to Coldplay. You know people stranded in the desert without any other options will drinking pee to survive. So all we’re saying is there might be a time and a place for smoking resin. And we ain’t here to judge.

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  1. Rocky lopez 'thedude'


  2. Katie M

    Thamk you so much for the info!! It really helped me when i was in a bind. And ppl laugh at me for looking stuff up on the Internet of this nature, but ive found alot of great information to enhance and avoid waste that might just help u when u need it.

  3. Stoner Stuff


  4. Cici

    Can you smoke resin out of an atomizer for a vape pen. I mean the glass ball kind the you to usually get with a starter vape kit

  5. MoonpiesRnice

    Ya I agree I wouldn’t smoke resin outta my vaporizer and I have the FENIX 4th gen made for herb wax and oil!!! Best way I find is too take resin hits from the pipe or extract it and use a water bong, that’s what I do. However yes, it should be smoked as a last resort for there is little psychoactive chemicals left like thc or cbd and more carcinogens and toxins!!! If u don’t mind the taste then vape away! But I’m guessing that it WILL make ur device taste bad for awhile!!!

  6. MoonpiesRnice

    Also, a vape pen with an atomizer is strictly for vaping liquids!!! The GPEN BY GRENCO SCIENCE IS GARBAGE, only dry herb can be vaped and it is heated by ceramic tiles inside! You want a good vaporizer, THE FENIX 4th generation!!! Cost around 120$ and great for dry herb and dabs!!! Also nothing inside heats up!!! It’s the AIR THAT HEATS UP AS U HIT IT AND HEATS YOUR PRODUCT!!! 4 fail proof temp settings and 8 different protections systems built into it so u don’t waste product or damage your vaporizer!!! Best vaporizer I’ve found yet!!! Although it handles dabs very well and conservation of your product also, nothing comes close to dabbing the nail on a water pipe!!! 🤗Hope this helps someone 🤘✌️

  7. dee

    Exacy what i needed😂 i broke my pipe and seen there was a lot of resin and ive been smoking out of a bong and have no weed of course scraped my pipe and smoked resin from the bong.its lit tho🔥

  8. Rez

    When you got no weed, F-it..desprate time even more desperate measures hahaha

  9. Zay

    Have you ever tried to dab resin?its not that bad plus the cold water helps the harshness, but will get your nail dirty, only do it if you want to though whats there to judge of it?

  10. Coyote Bongwater

    Done it plenty of times (like right now, hence the quick random Google search!) Not the best thing in the world, but it’ll do the trick in a pinch…

  11. ET1125

    Dude I am resin king I’ve smoked over an 8th of resin before and scrapped what came from that and smoked that to. I’m telling you boi’ I’ve smoked stuff ion even know was resin or not. Don’t get me wrong I’ll pack up some green way before I take this route but you know. While all your plugs out here in Virginia getting locked up left and right aka (Ya Home Boi’s) I’ve scrapped peoples pipes that never thought to even to smoke it. Even dab resin (Reclaim) man I’ll smoke it as long as I can get it. I’ll scrap a piece brand new. My hands be filthy asab but nothing some dawn soup won’t fix. I feel like it’s really a health hazard though mentally. Not saying I’m some impulsive substances abuser but it’s really a quick goto. All though this post didn’t really give me the statistics I was looking for. It was pretty straight and forward to my question lol. Thought if someone really reads this it’ll give em a trip. Like I got a scrap kit out of a old spearmint tin with a paper clip, small flat head a nail and bobby pin it’s so worn from product it looks like a Artifact someone dug out the ground. I see these videos online all day of people with pounds like it’s growing everywhere while I’m stuck buying gram after gram smh. I mean when all’s said and done resins some shit man

  12. Kid K

    Lately, I’ve been wadding up resin balls into rolling papers and then smoking that out of a bowl… it’s a lot less messier that way.

  13. Nicole

    what if you have a suuuuper old pipe thats FILLED plum full of resin… got no herb, need to catch a buzz. but this resin is like super old. i scrapee some out after heating it up a little but and its not gooey at ALL. its a more black-brownish color vs just black. but im dying to get high. is it still okay to try n smoke it?

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