Snoop’s Blue Dream Review

snoops blue dreamSnoop’s Blue Dream Review

Review by: Mat Lee
Name: Snoops Blue Dream
Score: 9/10
From: Mr Doobees. Address is 2870 Ocean Avenue, Building #4 Raymond, WA. Highway 101 – between Raymond & South Bend. Phone: 360-875-8016
Farm: Blewett Pass Farms
Type: 60/40 Indica Dominant (But not by much)
In today’s edition of the Weed Review, I have another prestigious pacific northwest high strain from Blewett Pass Farms here in Washington. It’s called Snoops Blue Dream, and the batch I picked up from Mr Doobees was tested at 22.8% and 23.26% THCA. The video is a little longer than usual, so happy 4/20! Flip it a like and a share if you enjoy.

Genetics: If you look online for this strain on the usual sites, what you’ll find is Snoops Dream. Snoops Dream is an indica dominant Master Kush X Blue Dream, and generally presents with a nice earthy smell and taste that shows the Kush dominance. That didn’t quite seem to be what I found over at Mr Doobees. I did some checking and got a hold of a friendly over at Blewett Farms, and they said this is the same Master Kush Blue Dream cross, only the Blue Dream comes out more prominent than the Kush.
Appearance: The batches I purchased were exceptionally frosty, which takes away from noticing all the light orange hairs that sporadically sprout out of the buds here and there. This would definitely be a strain to check out under a magnifier to admire the crystals.

Snoop's Blue Dream Review
Snoops Blue Dream is a bit strong for the random smoker, but if you blaze on the daily, give it a try

Smell: Being a 60/40 with a more prominent Blue Dream aspect, Snoops Blue Dream has a stronger blueberry smell, especially once you crack a bud in half and put your nose in there. Then again, I really think it depends on the batch. I cracked another bud out of a different bag, with the same harvest date and lot number, and it had the more classic earthy smell that shows a Master Kush dominance.
Flavor: Again, with this particular batch, the Blueberry side definitely shines through. Although there is a greater earthy taste than when I smelled it. This surely must be the Master Kush side making sure you don’t forget about it. I also don’t have the most refined palate, but I noticed some earthy pine like tastes on the back end. This strain varies a lot. Some bong rips were blueberry flavored, some were earthy pine. Regardless, they were all excellent in their goodness.

snoops blue dreamH
igh: This batch has a more sativa like heady, motivated high. But I noticed if you let yourself zone out, it will let you lose quite a bit of time. It’s pretty good about that. Again I’m a terrible person to describe how high or stoned I feel, but with an endocannabinoid system as finely tuned as mine is, I can definitely feel when the herb wants me to get something done, or just zone out and stare at a movie, or Instagram. I also noticed reading with Snoops Blue Dream makes the story come to life way easier, and to a more fully engulfing level than normal reading does for me. Of course with any review or trip report, your mileage may vary.
snoops blue dream_2Buzz Length: A good four hours, but I’m the worst to determine this, as I function better with a nominal amount of weed in my system at all times. It’s a sipping strain for sure. With some weed, I can  just kind of keep smoking it all night. But with Snoops Blue Dream, there comes a time when you need to just set it down for a minute. If you watch the video all the way through, you’ll see me hit a couple of those times.

snoops blue dream_3Overall:
There’s so many good strains out there to choose from, overall, I would say pick the one that vibes with your system the best. This one is a bit strong for the random smoker, but if you blaze on the daily, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Except that you didn’t get more. This batch was grown by Blewett Pass Farms and sold at Mr Doobees in Raymond Washington.

snoops blue dream review

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  1. bob glenn

    I found this item at The herbal center in Tenino. Very nice product. Took a few solid rips and settled in to watch Goodfellas. Excellent stuff.

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