VIDEO: D.O.H. – So High

Roll a doob and check out the STUFF STONERS LIKE VIDEO of the DAY by The HASH Club: D.O.H. – So High. Then download the new mix tape Silent Protest below or at It’s a STUFF STONERS LIKE approved smoking soundtrack. So get SO HIGH and listen.

Wanna turn a shitload of STONERS on to yer stuff? Of course you do, son. Tweet it to us at @stoner_stuff, yo, just like our dude, @Dubz_of_HASH did. And we’ll post that shit for ya…because that’s what we do. We ain’t all stingy and shit, you ain’t need to pay us to promote you. FUCK THAT. That’s cuz we spread the STONER LOVE FREELY…like butter on toast, like wasabi on sushi, like syrup on waffles, like BHO on a blunt wrap, like suntan lotion on the back of yo mom’s thighs…

3 Responses to “VIDEO: D.O.H. – So High”

  1. sirHASHington

    Dope ass mixtape if I do say so myself #HASH #SGrind #SGTHC

  2. HGfH

    #DopeVideo I love the art

  3. frankocen


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