So What If Marijuana Is Growing Near Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

Of course “high-strength marijuana” flourished outside that piece-of-shit “mansion” in Abbottabad where al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals on Sunday. Why? Because Abbottabad is located in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush region…EXACTLY WHERE HIGH-STRENGTH MARIJUANA ORIGINATES, man!

Suffice to say marijuana grows like a WEED in the Hindu Kush region, a mountain range stretching from central Afghanistan to northern Pakistan. In fact, “Kush” is the name of a particular subset of cannabis indica originating from landrace plants stemming from Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and Northwestern India. But, the LAMEstream media seems to have left that part out, as they’re having a field day (pun intended) reporting, speculating, questioning…ultimately using semantics and manipulative language to disparage marijuana and associate it with terrorists.

This is nothing new, especially since criminalizing weed started with incriminating language. Keep in mind marijuana was outlawed and still remains illegal to this day because of language…purpose-driven misinformation, calculated intentional public hysteria based from propaganda (Reefer Madness anyone?) and flagrantly and willfully associating it with degenerates. It was Harry J. Anslinger, our first (corrupt) drug czar who used language to pervert reality and scare the masses into outlawing weed despite the facts. Anslinger famously said “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races,” and that it “makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” So, you see associating marijuana with negativity and perceived degenerates is nothing new. In fact it’s outdated, manipulative and irresponsible. But that didn’t stop the NY Daily News from publishing this misleading headline today: “Marijuana crops planted outside Osama Bin Laden’s compound; farmers growing ganja near terror lair”. “Planted” and “growing” seem like intent, right? But, it’s unclear if Bin Laden, his cronies or anyone else was intentionally cultivating marijuana. And, logic as well as evidence seems to suggest marijuana is nothing but a weed growing rampant all across that part of the world. Just because a rather common weed is found near a dead terrorist leader’s compound…doesn’t mean a thing…other than big media ratings. It’s this type of reporting that does nothing to encourage the understanding let alone the acceptance of marijuana. It’s sad and unfortunate, but ohhhh so telling how marijuana being found near Osama’s lair is being used as an opportunity to manipulate and marginalize “the healing of the nation” and by association its supporters.

CNN is reporting that Nic Robertson “discovered” marijuana plants “hidden” alongside cabbages and potatoes near Bin Laden’s compound. You see any weed in that pic? We don’t either. But, notice the language? Robertson didn’t just come across some weeds in a vegetable garden? Weeds are everywhere. Weeds are not newsworthy. You probably have un-newsworthy weeds in your garden right now. Does that mean you hid them? Does that make you “bad”?

So, don’t let the press fool you into thinking marijuana is “bad” just because “bad” people live near it or medicate with it. According to CNN, “Bin Laden had in recent years suffered from kidney problems which may have been eased by taking marijuana for its medicinal properties.” Maybe the leader of Al Qaeda was taking Vicodin, aspirin, Tylenol, Percocet, Xanax, Prozac, Viagra, smoking opium, shooting junk too…who knows? And, that’s just it…at this point who the hell knows if he was medicating with marijuana? And, why does it matter? Why is it even in the news anyhow? His ass most certainly didn’t piss in a cup before it got shot. Just because a few stray weeds were growing in his veggie garden doesn’t mean shit other than he needs a better gardener. Seriously, if Bin Laden was growing weed as medicine, judging from those pics, he’s going about it completely wrong. Or he prefers the medical benefits of cabbage over Kush or something.

Quotes from news sources like “The searing heat in the northwestern region of the country would provide ideal conditions for the plant to grow,” makes it seem as if terrorists were calculated and purposely set up shop in an area perfect for growing weed, when it’s just a coincidence their homeland is where good weed comes from.

So, as this story develops in the media, just be mindful of the language in which marijuana is talked about. Is it negative; is it manipulative, are the words portraying marijuana in a disapproving light? Is its mention even necessary? Keep in mind, man, just because a rather common weed, that we adore, is found near a dead terrorist leader’s door…it doesn’t mean shit.


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