Is Sploofy a sploofier sploof?

Sploofy sploofThere are some stoners who need to smoke on the sly. Maybe they live with unapproving parents, on a campus filled with narcs or near a police station or some shit. And they want to smoke a bowl without worrying about fragrant pot fumes wafting into a hater’s nose. Let’s say you find yourself in this situation. Sure you can simply make a sploof with a paper towel roll and some dryer sheets or you can up your game with Sploofy.


What the hell is Sploofy?
Well, man the Sploofy is a portable, stealth smoking device that looks sorta like something you’d see in the kitchen section at Ikea, but much cooler. Take a bong hit and exhale through the Sploofy and out comes clean, unscented air.

Apparently the Sploofy features a fitted mouthpiece with a silicon gasket for a perfect seal. It’s also equipped with  HEPA air media filters at 99.97% efficiency and premium coconut shell activated carbon—whatever that shit is. It works, though. That’s all that really matters when you’re getting stoned solo and trying to keep it that way.

The Sploofy sploof is a sploofier sploof

Now we know what you’re wondering. Why the hell is this Sploofy thing better than using a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets? Well according to the Sploofy dudes, “dryer sheets only temporarily mask the smell, but they don’t eliminate smoke or odor. The smoke being blown through is not filtered, so all the resin particles will eventually stick to your walls, clothes, etc.”

Ew. Resin particles—who wants that shit floating around, man? Not you, right? Anyhow they also say that you can blow up to 300 bong hits through a Sploofy before it’s cartridge needs replacing. Sounds like a challenge. You up to it, dude?

Win a Sploofy

We want you to be able to turn any place into a 420-friendly one. So we’re gonna kick down one of these things in this week’s #stonergiveaway. Click here for deets.

sploof from Sploofy
Win this high-tech, shatter-proof, polycarbonate sploof from Sploofy

2 Responses to “Is Sploofy a sploofier sploof?”

  1. mat

    We use carbon filters in water softeners and RO systems when I used to work at a water store. It removes taste and smell from water. Makes sense it would do the same for blowing smoke through. Sure beats stuffing a toilet paper roll with fabric softener sheets.

  2. Mikey Alcala

    I wanna try this! I still have ye olde tubaroo haha…

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