Win a Lockable Stash Case from StashLogix

STASH_v2-1093Win a Lockable Stash Case from StashLogix


  1. Like our Facebook Page & follow StashLogix on Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment below telling us why you want this thing.
  3. Smoke a bowl—because that’s it. You’re done.

We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time Friday, June 5. Sorry, dudes, but this contest is for US residents only. The winner will be awarded a Go-Stash in dark grey—the only one in existence! Well, at least for the next four months until the StashLogix guys make more.

What is StashLogix ?
They’re lockable stash cases for weed, man—featuring a hemp exterior and highly-durable nylon on the inside. They come with various sized glass jars, to contain your weed or concentrates, plus removable pockets and dividers to organize everything. Plus StashLogix cases are completely air-tight to lock in freshness and all that delicious smell of skunk.

Why StashLogix?
Lock kids, pets, roommates, in-laws, whoever—outta your stuff, man. Weed’s expensive, so you don’t wanna anyone dipping into your supply. Plus it’s not for kids. Last year in Colorado alone there were 151 calls to the state’s Poison and Drug Center related to cannabis infused edibles—45 of which involved kids under 8-years-old. That’s just no good so use StashLogix, a dope safe-stash solution, to ensure that shit don’t happen.

Read about StashLogix’s Indiegogo campaign and how you can help these dude’s bring their cases to market.

48 Responses to “Win a Lockable Stash Case from StashLogix”

  1. David brooks

    Cause I wanna win something. And safety is first.

  2. David brooks


  3. Angie D

    I’d like it! I would love an item that keeps my stash together and I can lock it up so my pets and my child have no access.

  4. Mikey Alcala

    Because I have kids and they are in “get into everything, how did you get that” stage! Lol!

  5. Christopher

    The lockabale stash case would make my twaxed hikes I can keep all my stuff together and not have to worry about losing annything on the trail.

  6. mat

    Oooh, I want one of these for transporting goodies to festivals.

  7. Samantha

    I would love to win this so I can keep my pets and kids out of my stuff so it will b safer in my house thank you for this chance to win 🙂

  8. Bruce

    I would use to keep hid from my parents they are always taking my shit

  9. Sarah M.

    I want it because its super awesome, and I do not have a stash case of any kind! Oh yea and I never win anything!!

  10. Brittney

    I would like to win this because I live with people who think it’s cool to just take other people shit

  11. Wil

    I need this stash box because I am going into college and need a way to make sure my roommate won’t get into my smoke when I’m not around thank you for the chance to win!

  12. Chris

    I’d probably buy 1 regardless, looks dope, free 1 would be the icing on the cake..

  13. Bob

    Because I need one before Mat and because it’s awesome!

  14. Devin Burks

    I want to win this because my b day is June 4th. This would be a dope ass present. I have never had a stash case of any kind.

  15. Jim Kimes

    I would like to win because you have to be safe and responsible. Also living in a not so cannabis friendly state one has to be safe and secure. Thank you for creating such an awesome product. Also check out their Indiegogo project

  16. Angie

    I need one and it’s really cool✌❤

  17. Tim

    To keep my stash away from the wrong people!

  18. Schuyler Mahaney

    I believe this is innovative product in the fight for marijuana reform, protection of the everyday stoner, I like to keep my smoke on me just in case you kno life gets you low, I would like to win this product to promote and show my new toy/stash/safety device off, I appriciate the opportunity 🙂

  19. Angela Tarter

    I would love to win this. I travel alot by car this would be great. Going to go smoke now. Puff puff passing.

  20. Susan

    I would feel more confident in my travels knowing my possessions are safe and secured.

  21. Lisa

    I really want this because 1) I’m a dog sitter and am really good about keeping stash away from furry clients, but one can never be too careful. 2) Even though I live in a legal state, I don’t want to smell like weed everywhere I go. Looks like an awesome solution!

  22. Emily

    Liked and followed. I do a bunch of hiking and camping. This would make life so much easier. And safer!! Great idea!

  23. lisa

    I would like to win since my current method of keeping my bud safe didn’t work. My dog actually got into it and ate my last little bit.

  24. danny harp

    Because i am a stoner and this is stuff i like.

  25. Taylor

    So I can leave my stash laying around and nobody will mess with it hehe

  26. Art

    I want this thing because I’m a gear-head. Will put all of my other gear to shame. Functional and gnarly looking.

  27. Jason

    I’ve been a follower of you guys fur ever now so all I had too do was follow StashLogix. That being said I followed them and now the reason why I would like to win…

    I have no container or containers too hd my Stash in plus if I ever got pulled over by the police they have no legal right too go through my stuff so this would make a great tool too have for my protection and everyone else’s protection as well.

    So weather you choose me or not is up too you guys so may the luckiest stoner win, cheers guys and good luck 😀

  28. Kathy

    I would luv, luv, luv one of these because my weed stinks, stinks, stinks. And it looks really cool!

  29. Julie

    I need one because the mason jars I’ve been using do not transport very well. This looks light, durable, and efficient. Me wants!

  30. Kelly Sutton

    I would love to have one because I would promote it as well–good to have a case that conceals those skunky smells! 😀

  31. hatchetking420

    I would love to win this because it will help aid in the safety of my meds while around the house.

  32. arthur

    It would be awesome,its small,and being in a wheel chair space is everything,it would stop prying eyes from the smell

  33. Jess

    Better safe than sorry when you have kids.

  34. Junee Ebinger


  35. Francisco Abreu

    I would love to have this StashLogix Case because I am constantly misplacing my stash as I have no ideal place to put it. Living with my parents has me constantly worrying they will discover it and it forever haunts me until the day I get a hold of a decent lockable stash case such as this one. Winning this item would help out alot. That being said, best of luck to everyone.

  36. Count Dabula

    some people don’t have Facebook and would appreciate if more of your contests didn’t require having a Facebook….

  37. Austin

    Because everyone should own one and unfortunately I do not, stay safe

  38. William

    I would like to have one because I hide my weed and then I forget were I hid it at and I got 6 kids that does not need to find it. I had one but the lock on it is broke and now it want shut.

  39. James

    Winning this would be cool

  40. Andrew Vlad

    4 weeks ago i left my weed in my backpack the people i live with said i could smoke weed, i got kicked out of my parents house for smoking weed now they are finding my weed seizing it and giving me interventions.

  41. Danny

    Never had a stash case before and it would just be cool to have. Also, I can promote it and other stuff from you guys on my Twitter page!

  42. Nicholas Chasse

    I would like to win this because I just got back into smoking after a 3 month break and it would be pretty cool to win since my birthday is next Friday, so depending on shipping, it could be here by then. Also, I personally don’t enter contests like this but I love the color the case and even if I don’t win would most likely end up purchasing one.

  43. Eric Hansen

    Id like to surreptitiously hide my stuff with this awesome bag.

  44. Smiley Riley

    I really want/needy one because it looks like it will help me stay organized, and won’t get lost in whatever else I happen to be carrying. Happy 4:20 PST!

  45. TheRealSlimShady

    I would like to win because I am just getting into smoking, and need a great place to hide my future items, I can impress my friends who just have locking bockes, and I also do not have the money to buy one of these awesome cases, so this is really my only chance to get one, otherwise I will be using a ziplock and a dryer sheet. Thank you!

  46. William

    What’s the deal about when we will be told who won. I posted about joining this draw to win this lock box, and yes I still can use this lock box. Maybe I need to read all the instructions about this. But thanks anyway and I wish everyone good luck on winning this lock box, piece out.

  47. Destiny

    Because right now i have no where to keep my small stash and this would be perfect

  48. Richard

    This will make my life even more beautiful!

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