Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

Which State Smokes The Most MarijuanaWhich state smokes the most weed per capita? Forget California dude, Colorado or Washington—it’s the tiny-ass li’l state of Rhode Island that’s the marijuana capital of the United States.

Now don’t get all depressed and go off thinking that Rhode Island consumes more total marijuana than you and your state, dude. We’re talking per capita here, man—that’s the measurement of the percent of state residents who regularly use marijuana. And considering how small Rhode Island is…explains it…because there’s no way Rhode Island smokes the most weed in total. We all know that would California. =)

Which State Smokes The Most MarijuanaSo the dudes at the Washington Post took a look at state-level statistics from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health and determined that just over 1 in 8 Rhode Island residents over age 12 smoke marijuana monthly—more than three times the rate in Kansas, where only 4 percent of residents regularly indulge.

Looking deeper at the numbers the Post concludes that nationally about 7 percent of Americans over age 12 have used marijuana in the past month. Western states tend to have the highest rate of usage, at 9 percent, followed by the Northeast. The South has the lowest overall rate at 5.83 percent. Eighteen- to 25-year-olds use marijuana the most. Nearly 19 percent of that group has used marijuana in the past month, according to the NSDUH. But again, the state-to-state variation in those numbers are considerable. More than one third of Vermont residents in that age bracket regularly use marijuana, compared to less than 10 percent of Utah’s 18- to 25-year-olds.

Which State Smokes The Most MarijuanaBut usage rates drop off considerably for people age 26 and older: Only 5 percent of Americans in that age group smoke marijuana regularly. Alaska’s 26-and-over crowd is the most likely to regularly use marijuana, at 11.18 percent. To put it another way, Alaska’s adults are more likely to use marijuana than Utah’s college-age crowd.

Which state do you think smokes the most weed in total? Let us know in the comments below…


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  1. Austin from Delaware

    I think Delaware smoked the most bud if you walk around Middletown you can count 100 people smoking weed it’s the best

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