Stoner Flick of the Day–Sha T-Doobies & Blunts Featuring FellaFel

Lotsa weed smokin’ and weed references here, man. With the stoney-ass, catchy chorus; “I Got Doobie’s Mixed with Blunts and We Gettin’ Fucked Up”…what’s not to like? Danks @Scale_GangShaT for sendin’ us the vid, man.

We’re gonna drop all your cool vids into this li’l section of our blog and call it, for now, “Stoner Flick of the Day” until we’re soooo stoned that we come up with a much better title that kicks-ass on this one. If you’ve got something you want the rest of us STONERS to see, then TWEET is to us before you get STONED and forget.

14 Responses to “Stoner Flick of the Day–Sha T-Doobies & Blunts Featuring FellaFel”

  1. superhighedup

    niiiiice shizznit doobs and blunts

  2. igetshigh

    good shit my new smoking song

  3. passthedutchwithyalefthand


  4. SmokeGud420

    soon as it cums on i feel like lightin one up! good music, where can i download this song at?

  5. Name


  6. MoneyThai

    i got doobies mixed with blunts, doobbies doobies mixed with blunts!!

  7. DaveALot

    cool vid

  8. DoobBrothers

    No blunts just doobies and joints

  9. AliceRFligan


  10. bluntsallismoke

    idk bout doobies but i love this song

  11. bluntsallismoke


  12. lildrinkerbigsmoker

    pass that shit home girl!!!

  13. Greg or re


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