The Exotic Pet Expo is the Stoner Flick of the Day

Okay, we were like 43 seconds into this shit and we already chuckled a couple a times. That’s purty fuckin’ amazing for a Monday morning, man, even if we are hella stoned. So if we laughed, we figured we’d share this vid with y’all thinking that if you smoke enough weed and laugh at this flick…Monday won’t be so lame. This dude Chad Meyer of the Good God Dam Show is purty fuckin’ funny, man. Thanks for tweetin’ us this vid, yo, it’s definitely STUFF STONERS LIKE material.

We’re gonna drop all your cool vids into this li’l section of our blog and call it, for now, “Stoner Flick of the Day” until we’re soooo stoned that we come up with a much better title that kicks-ass on this one. If you’ve got something you want the rest of us STONERS to see, then TWEET is to us like this Chad Meyer, dude, did.

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