Stoner Ingenuity

Nothing will keep a STONER from smoking weed. Well, except for maybe the absence of weed. And, even that’s a long shot because that’s when resin comes in handy. See, it’s this brilliant thinking that inevitably leads to STONER INGENUITY, or the creative effort stoners put into the development, design and build of various smoking devices or substances. For further study see our post on how STONERS Like Transforming Things Into Bongs.

You see…without Stoner Ingenuity we would not have apple pipes or gravity bongs. And, certainly without stoner ingenuity, @RastaFarii Barbiie, the chick who sent us the busted bong pic, would be totally fucked. Danks to @CarolineCentral who got all creative with a McDonalds cup when she had no pipe. “Inhale thru the straw hole on lid.”

Not only do we smoke weed eryday, we receive tons of weed pics eryday too. And, we figured instead of just retweeting them, we’d also collect ‘em and display ‘em here for everyone to enjoy over and over again. Have some weed pics you wanna share? Tweet ‘em to us, man.

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  1. Fausto Adelman

    Help! Last night I was working 1st shift at work and a man walked up to our register to pay his tab and he reached into his jacket pocket and brought out a $1 bill and told me, “This is all I have in my wallet. I do not have the remaining cash to pay you.” Then he did the most stunning thing. He instsantly turned the $1 bill into a discover card. WTF I came home and got on the internet and found the magic trick video BUT I aint paying $29 dollars to know the secret. Can U figure the trick out?

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