Stoners Don’t Like to Be Paranoid

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Unless it’s classic SCBD Skunk Hazeabbath (with Ozzy), Paranoid sucks – especially when you’re the one who’s all freaked out. OK, it can be a little funny when an old smoking buddy is 110% sure you’re a narc – or an alien – but talking ‘em down is a real bitch.

That’s life as a stoner, right? You plays the game, you takes your chances.

Kinda true if you’re getting your shit on the street, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you’re up for a little DIY’ing. CBD Crew and Dutch Passion are working on new, paranoia-free cannabis seeds that’re expected to revolutionize medical marijuana as we know it. Maybe they’ll be autoflowering seeds? Who knows.

You’ve probably heard about these new high-CBD cannabis seeds – it’s that new weed everyone’s talking about that’s supposed to cure everything under the sun only it doesn’t get you high in a traditional sense.

OK – I hear you. What good is that shit if it doesn’t get you wasted? Slow your roll, and I’ll explain.

Strains with a high level of CBD to THC don’t have that super-charged, trippy high that makes you see sounds & taste colours like it was laced with LSD or something, but it does have a dreamy, mellow stone that’s not quite couchlocking.

Think you’re getting most of that anyway? Well, in a sense you are. As your brain processes the THC, some of it’s converted into CBD (scientifically, there’s more to it, but that’s enough for now) for an incredibly relaxed feeling. These strains just cut through the bullshit to give you what you want from the get-go, and it circumvents all the brain chemistry that makes you feel batshit crazy.

And get this – the feeling lasts much, much longer than traditional smoke, more like an edible.

Sound good? Now, here’s what you look for in a good high-CBD cannabis seed. The experts say that you want a perfectly even amount of THC & CBD for the best results. Don’t laugh, but this is going to drop the THC to about 5 or 6%. I know – it’s hard to buy into that, but trust me, it’ll change your life if you tend to get a little paranoid now & then.

Here’s the only problem – it’s hard as hell to find a good, stable high-CBD strain. If you live in a MMJ-friendly area, you can bop on down to the local dispensary and ask for some reliable product or seeds, and you might even get it. For those of us who ain’t so lucky, it’s time to turn to the world’s foremost authorities on cannabis genetics for some help.

This is where CBD Crew, a joint venture between Mr Nice & Resin Seeds, and Dutch Passion, Amsterdam’s best seed company, step into the picture. CBD Crew has perfected the even CBD to THC formula, and Dutch Passion is lending them the resources to create a steady supply in exchange for some breeding expertise. It’s a win-win for these two – and for the rest of us.

The first strain to go through this process is CBD Skunk Haze. These cannabis seeds won the top prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup back in the day, and they’re even better now that they’ve been reworked for magnified physical effects that last forever without a trace of anxiety or paranoia.

CBD Skunk Haze needs about 10 weeks to finish, but she’s a real monster with wicked 450 gr/m2 yields (if you know what you’re doing). She’s got real bag appeal – the smell & flavour is spicy cedar, but you’ll also notice hints of citrus, mint & pine on the intake.

If you’re sold, these babies’ll have to be a late Christmas gift. They won’t be readily available until January 2013 – just in time for the spring season.

Until then, roll watcha got!

The Rhino

4 Responses to “Stoners Don’t Like to Be Paranoid”

  1. Autoflower-cannabis

    Nice writing, will look into those High CBD strains!

  2. armedrodent

    this is a great cbd strain from royal queen seeds Medical Mass Seeds | Royal Queen
    10% THC / 11% CBD Close to 1:1 THC / CBD making Medical Mass an ideal medicinal marijuana. .

  3. Dmitry

    I used to like my weed trips to be interesting, even if it meant some paranoia. I was very careful about set and setting etc to be less paranoid. Needless to say that I smoked for like 2-3 times a month. Now that I vape almost every evening I prefer something mellow. Let the high be commonplace and even boring but no paranoia please! I find that some 50/50 indica sativa mixes work best. More indica and I feel old, more sativa and I feel young but at the same time more anxious about the future. I can recommend Super Lemon Haze (I mean this one It is generally considered to be more sativa but my pheno is short and stocky and is obviously leaning to the Lemon Skunk parent. Perfect for me!

  4. Napasechnik

    To avoid paranoia when smoking, it is necessary to use beforehand more vitamin C.

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