Stoners Like Blunts

Stoners Like BluntsStoners Like Blunts. Yep, if there’s one thing we took away from our Blunt vs. Joint TWITTER POLL…it was that a whole fuckin’ lot of our followers dig them blunts. Blunts are “heaven in the shape of a cigar,” said one. Or two. Or 50. Shit…all of ’em said some shit like that. It wasn’t even close. So, what’s a blunt you ask? No, it’s not a hollowed-out cigar…it’s one that’s been gutted, filled with weed, then re-rolled.

Blunt History
In the early days of blunt-crafting, tobacco was mixed with the herb, but nowadays blunts are almost exclusively WEED-ONLY. All, “Pimps”, “Playas”, “Macks”, and true “OG’s” will testify that the blunt is the only real way to smoke weed…in public.

Lotsa blunt-lovin’ stoners say that compared to plain ol’ rollin’ papers, blunts last longer, taste better, are easier to roll, give bigger hits, don’t go out as much as papers, they’re thicker, don’t run as much, they look tastier and they can contain much more herb than you can fit into a joint.

Stoners Like BluntsRead some poetic shit this stoner said on Urban Dictionary, “If you’re a fan of joints but have never smoked a nice blunt, do yourself a favor and go to your nearest gas station and pick up some blunt wraps. They come in all different flavors; Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Grape, etc. Lay down your finest herb in the wrap and don’t be afraid to get that bitch as wet as it needs to be…keeping it moist during the smokage makes it last even longer. Once it’s ready to go, stick it in your mouth, apply some flame, and damn now you’re smoking like a real OG”

But, not all OG’s smoke blunts. In fact some of ‘em are all anti-blunt and stuff. In fact Wiz Khalifa, who allegedly smokes $10,000 worth of weed a month, hates blunts nowadays. “I don’t smoke any blunts,” he told Complex mag. “I used to smoke blunts, but when you smoke the quality of weed that we smoke, you want to taste all that weed. You don’t want the blunt to get in the way. Plus blunts are real bad for you. They make your body ache, you be coughing up brown shit. I need my voice. I don’t want to have blunt damage.”

You think that’s harsh, Curren$y—who has sorta inspired this new-age blunt backlash, says FUCK BLUNTS! “Blunts make your back hurt and everything. Don’t shave years off your life with them blunts,” he has said.

That “takin’ years off your life” is pro’lly due to the tobacco content in blunt wrappers,  which obviously carry with ‘em all the nastiness associated with tobacco and nicotine. But that doesn’t stop Million-Swisher-Blunt-Smokin’, local Oakland girl and MTV darlin’ Kreayshawn from smokin’ them blunts.

Anyhow, though…all this talk about blunts being STUFF STONERS LIKE and shit, has got us thinkin’ that we need to hold a contest about blunts…and uhm, smoke a few ourselves right now…stay tuned.

15 Responses to “Stoners Like Blunts”

  1. Thunder X

    The best way to smoke weed is not to burn it, but to steam it in either a hookah or bong. When you burn it, you don’t get all of the beneficial properties of the marijuana plant. The “high” many of us experience from smoking weed in blunts and rolling papers are likely the result of the diminished oxygen supply to our brains caused by inhaling the carbon monoxide produced from the burning bush.

    I would even go so far to say that smokers who use blunts to burn their weed are not potheads, but are addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco leaf.

  2. Name

    Blunts are the shit, bitch

  3. BluntSmokinOG


  4. Cc

    I hate blunts. Nasty paper. Bongs and vaporizers is where it’s at. 

  5. Colin

    Fuck you and your pessimism.

  6. Cloud 9 Society

    I keeps it old skool.. Papers over blunts.. but I enjoy a blunt on an ocassion.. but I noticed a lot of people who can not roll doobies but are master blunt rollers or vice versa.. I on the other hand can twist both down to a science.. have perfected the tulip and cross joint as well..  Stay lit bay area!

  7. Thunderbreath

    “Pessimism”? You must be smoking something other than weed. Not cool, dude.

  8. st8cash

    i feel you , what kinda bund you use to get high /?

  9. st8cash


  10. Brody P

    but you have to burn it in a bong too. i had a bong but my dumbass friend broke it an i never had the chance to get my OWN vape so im stuck with papers blunts and bowls

  11. Anonymous

    Boe blounts over everything

  12. Lana

    Blunts are far from useless… They get you the highest imo. A bong is second place/equal but the feeling of smoking a blunt has no comparison tbh. Joints are GARBAGE unless the person who rolls has COMPLETE bars. Otherwise it’s just paper that burns away 80% of the tree and goes out in like 2 minutes. But joints are definitely worth it if you’re a master like Wiz obviously. You really don’t need much skill at all to roll a blunt though.

  13. Nikolaev


  14. TruStoner

    Blunts suck. Figures the ones saying blunts are great are also verbally blowing Wiz Craplifia.

  15. Anonymous

    The fact

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