STONERS Like Rolling Trays

STONERS Like Rolling Trays

Like weed, a lighter, and good music, a rolling tray is essential to any true stoner’s collection. Now we’re not talking about any ol’ flat object you use to bust-up your weed on, like a speeding ticket, a gatefold copy of Framton Comes Alive!, or the back of your dirty couch. We’re talking about something a li’l more sturdy and purposeful…like something you’d see on Willie Nelson’s tour bus. Something used for the sole purpose of rolling joints.

Obviously, Willie’s not all tryin’ to spill his weed all over the place during his travels, so he employs a rolling tray and so should you. Best place to get a rolling tray? Oh the cafeteria. Sizzler’s has nice ones. Denny’s has them, but the waitresses don’t always leave ‘em on your table. Sometimes hotel rooms have nice ones sitting on top of the counter in the bathroom beneath the coffee pot. So, uhm, yeah…rolling trays are all over the place. Just look for them and they’ll reveal themselves to you.

Peter-Frampton---Frampton-Comes-Alive!-Front-CoverWhat you’re looking for, when it comes to size…is something about the size of a 13” macbook and completely smooth…you’re not trying to have all your weed hiding in those nooks and crannies and shit. That’s why English muffins make such shitty rolling trays.

Never put hot shit on the rolling tray. Sure, you scooped all that resin out of your pipe with a hot bobby pin and you’ve got no place to put down that hot, nasty, goopy, bobby pin…and the rolling tray is right there. But don’t do it, man! You know what happens? It burns that shit and then weed gets all caught up in that burn mark or you’re using the flap on the zig zap papers to push your weed into a pile, the flap hits that burn mark and flicks all your weed right off the tray and onto the garage floor. So don’t put hot shit on the rolling tray, this includes lit joints, dude. Oh and don’t put any joints that just went out on that rolling tray either, man. You don’t want tiny li’l bits of burnt weed all mixin’ ‘round with your fresh weed, do ya? Don’t cash your bowl out on it, etc.

Okay, etiquette seems best left for prissy assholes to dish out…so basically, only put shit on your tray that won’t fuck up your weed or your roll. Don’t go using something that’s gonna scratch your tray all up, you’re not DJ Qbert…don’t go gouging that shit all up with keys while your trying to collect your weed into a nice li’l pile. Stickers go on the bottom of the rolling tray so as to keep that shit nice and smooth.

Okay, you got the idea…now go and find yourself a nice tray and roll yourself some nice joints to smoke.

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  1. Toaster

    My tray is a really smooth mousepad that ids about 10″ square. Super slick and stays clean ready for gaming later on.

  2. stoner stan

    well its been a long time and i see no more additions to the stuff stoners like page here sept for some vids so im gonna make my own (stuff stoners like addition on this page) so this is my first time posting something like it goes

    Stoners Like The Bacon Milk Shake (newly introduced from jack in the box)

    yeah thats right the newly famous Bacon mother fuckin’ milkshake!
    a combination only a stoner coulda thought up, Its just so right man
    i mean think about it we got two things stoners like… BACON and Ice Cream! its like a Creation made in stoner heaven and handed down right to you via the jack in the box by that chick with the freckles and red frame glasses!, its like a mixture that will blow your stoned mind (well whats left of it) and your taste buds straight outta this world! so we thank you oh jack in the box stoner gods for creating the ultimate munchie quenching bacontastic invention ever made!.

  3. OkeyPanokey

    ^ wow that dude should be like assistant
    Blog writer dude on here or something,we do need some new material.
    pretty cool post dude, keep that shit up!, and btw that bacon milkshake is amazing when ya got the munchies!

  4. Dirk Diggledickson

    You are a retard. Bacon milkshake?? You make decent stoners ashamed to be associated with your fuck boy shit.

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