Blue Cheese Strain Review

Blue Cheese Marijuana is Blueberry mixed with Cheese

Blue Cheese Strain is SSL

Weed Strain: Blue Cheese
Harborside Health Center
Sativa v Indica:
Indica dominant Hybrid,
25% Blueberry and 75% Cheese
This cheese strain is sometimes called the uk cheese strain or sometimes head cheese strain. But whatever you call it or however you slice it—cheese weed stinks. In a really good way.
Appearance: The Blue Cheese strain is strikingly brilliant green and covered in shiny crystals, like a gem or a wet Jujube that fell into a bowl of powdered sugar.
Smell: Blue cheese weed is very aromatic, smells like the inside of Disneyland’s pirate’s of the Caribbean.
Flavor: The flavor of the blue cheese weed strain was almost woodsy, moldy, fruity and dank—imagine the aroma of a fat Crimini mushroom and an over-ripe blueberry shoved into the middle of a block of Gorgonzola. Actually, like any cheese strain this bud might be nice with pesto. The smoke has a thick musty flavor and tasted like smoking an old cork dipped in blue cheese dressing.
High: Mainly a body high with a bit of head tweak. Some some of this shit and your couch will be your best friend.
Buzz Length: The feeling from the Blue Cheese weed crept up a bit, but once it took hold…it didn’t let go for a long while. You can easily start Zeppelin IV, smoke a bowl of this stinky shit and by the time Stairway comes on, you’ll be so high you’ll forget those 100-fucking-thousand times you’ve already heard that song on FM radio. It’ll be like hearing it for the first time!
Medical Uses: The Cheese weed strain is great for settling a stomach after eating left-over sushi or watching day-time television. It’s great for body aches from masturbating too much. And it works much better for insomnia than counting sheep.

Blue Cheese is an Indica dominant strain of marijuana

The Blue Cheese strain is rad connoisseur stuff. It stinks like crazy. And really, who doesn’t like cheese, well except those who have no tolerance for lactose. But no need to worry, this shit’s got no lactose in it at all…instead it’s filled with lots and lots of beautiful li’l euphoric THC crystals. Oh and if you suffer from something like not putting up with lactose’s shit…then this cheese strain might be for you because of its stomach-settling qualities.

Ever try the Blue Cheese strain or any other cheese marijuana strain for that matter? What did ya think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

11 Responses to “Blue Cheese Strain Review”

  1. Aaron jones

    Idk where you guys are from but $440 an ounce is a scam. I just copped an ounce of blue cheese for $125 delicious & fresh. Gotta love northern cali

  2. jimminy cricket

    no doubt i live on the east coast by phili and there is no such thing as a $440 ounce as far as i know, $400 is about the max, and even that is consider overpriced.

  3. Christi

    I agree with the previous comments to an extent. I totally understand you get what you pay for. It’s not worth the hassle of registration and DEA harassment possibilities to pay that much. My wife has cancer and we can’t afford that. We grow our own and have sold to local dispensaries our excess. I thought we did good at $320/oz for GDP. I guess I should have taken some of it to you guys. I’ll have to see if this next harvest has excess and road trip to you guys…..

  4. josh santi

    Grade A gdp is hard to find were I’m from upstate ny. There’s a lot of sour disel and a lot of haze. It would be nice to have some of that gdp 😉

  5. shane

    I live in the uk and I only pay £240 per ounce. stinky stuff.

  6. cody

    man its good shit but i had some blue cheese white widow hybrid i was GONE


    shoot i got some super danky blue cheese from a dispensary about 20 mins outside Vancouver BC and it no more then 240oz probably cheaper then that……. You got to be a true blue smoker to really apperciate this smoke! I mean really man its my faveroite i will travel by hour in a car to get this if its in!

  8. Justin America

    I know there are better strains, but blue cheese is my favourite!

  9. jeff

    Yeah. most people dig it. Ma last batch wasted no time. Got some other growers am working with. Am sure they gon’ hook me up

  10. Lilbuzz101

    Nice popcorn buds. This strain reeks in a good way. Mild, mellow, relax high. $230 for 1oz. To NYC. Email:

  11. Toby

    I just looked to see what it was like got free plants of blue cheese growing good but not enough sun

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