Name: Solanum

Score: 7/10
From: Harborside Health Center
Type: 100% Sativa
Genetics: aka Kananga, a rare strain from Africa
Price: $440/ounce
Appearance: Light green, covered in crystals, buds are a li’l airy, lots of orange hairs
Smell: Very clean and light with almost a hint of spearmint, would make an awesome flavor of chewing gum…
Flavor: Clean and cool, not Fonzie cool, but more like Peppermint Pattie cool (the candy, not the li’l bitch who fucked with Charlie Brown all the time)
High: Vibrant, head-high that’s clean and focused and uplifting.
High Length: Maybe lasted about a half-episode of iCarly.
Medical Use: Great for anxiety or depression as it’s uplifting and sorta cheerful.

This is some rare shit, straight out of the continent of Africa. Well, the genetics are from Africa, anyhow, but we got our sample from the Harborside over in Oakland. We bought a couple clones from that place a few months back when we overheard the dude behind the counter chatting with some cool looking grower who had to have been from Mendocino. They were chatting about this awesome rare 100% Sativa and we butted in because we’re interested in clean genes…meaning finding stuff that isn’t all hybridized from which to create our new genetics. Anyhow, that’s what got us into this strain, so we picked up an 1/8th to taste.

Legend has it that some Taxi driver in New York, probably not named Travis Bickle, but you never know, smuggled this rarity into the states. Being a sativa, it seems logical this herb found its way into many of those hybrid boutique strains out there in NY. Apparently this herb was used in spiritual and tribal practices back in Africa and we’re suspecting Fela Kuti probably smoked this shit before he’d rock out…we bet you.

This herb has a faint cat piss odor, but in a good way. We once knew a cat that took a piss in this dude’s vintage Martin guitar case. Man, that cat tasted delicious, but not as delicious as this Solanum. Although it doesn’t quite taste like cat taco, Solanum does taste just a unique. Please your soul with this rare African gem.

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