STUFF STONERS LIKE to Appear on Fox News

“Warning! It looks like lip balm, but it’s not. Cops say it’s a dangerous new drug called Wax. It’s made from the oils of marijuana plants. Must see pictures here: Please warn all your friends too, especially if they have kids.”

Above is the salacious caption running under our photograph of Delta 559’s Bogglegum Super Melt which appears on a Fox affiliate’s Facebook page. And it generated 18,703 comments, 128,014 shares and 18,167 likes so far. Why? Because it ignited some serious flaming:

STUFF STONERS LIKE to Appear on Fox News STUFF STONERS LIKE to Appear on Fox News STUFF STONERS LIKE to Appear on Fox News We were pretty heated ourselves when we saw our photo being used this way. So when we spoke to Carolyn Forrest, Fox’s VP of Legal Affairs about their use of our photo, which was taken by one of our marijuana reviewers a couple years ago, she explained that their affiliates had a right to use it because law enforcement showed it to them as evidence in part of an investigation in Georgia involving high school kids and concentrates. Fox reported that the concentrates were easy to transport and hide and look like “lip balm.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.04.07 AMMany of our Twitter and Instagram followers noticed the image being used on Fox News affiliate sites from Atlanta, to Chicago, to Orlando, to DC and broadcast television nationwide (see the vid below) in support of the alarming article. And as you can see Fox made no mention of the usefulness or benefits of concentrates anywhere. Many other media outlets published similar stories some with frightening headlines such as; Dangerous New Marijuana Product Your Teen Could Be Using, and outlandish claims like “The trace amounts of solvent are one of the reasons many users refer to the onset of the effects as a “mule kick” because of the strong rush,” reported Jonathan Copsey of This “Mule Kick” nonsense is news to us and we’ve been covering concentrates since 2007. So we reached out to Copsey for comment and asked him to substantiate his claim but have yet to hear from him.

Anyhow Fox’s VP of Legal Affairs, who was incredibly gracious and accommodating, also said our photo and Fox29’s caption generated more traffic and talk than when President Obama traveled to Iraq. “People care about this story,” she said. And instead of pulling down the shot at our request she added links back to and asked if we would be interested in speaking about legalization and the benefits of concentrates on the launch of a new Fox morning newscast in Philly next month. Stay tuned for more details.

What should we tell Fox News about concentrates?


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  1. graine femelle

    Low quality products are definitely an issue and should be adressed as such imho

  2. boutique sextoys

    i currently live in north europe and since laws tend to be more secure , we do not get bad quality or odd looking compound like the one mentioned here.

  3. Swinshee

    F_Ck Fox29, bring on the marijuana lip balm and close down establishment owned media
    #fuckfox29liars #fuckbigpharma #fuckgoverment

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