STUFF STONERS LIKE Holiday Contest #1

Remember that episode of Scooby Doo where Shaggy screamed into that bag so that monster chasing him and Scoob wouldn’t hear him? Then later Shaggy handed that asshole monster the bag…who then opened it and immediately got blasted with a face-full of scream?

Well that technology isn’t readily available in the real world…so the 420Stealth bag dudes had to actually travel into cartoon dimension and hotbox the Mystery Machine to get the secret bag formula outta Shaggy. Plus they had to like trade Shaggy an eighth of OG Kush or something before he’d give out the secret bag formula. Or, so we hear.

Based on the exact same stealth technology employed by Norville “Shaggy” Rogers…(bet you didn’t think his name was Norville didja?) if you think this bag kicks ass at containing Shaggy screams, which it does by the way, you should see how it handles confining stinky-ass weed smells. For yourself. For free. By winning this damn contest.

To win: email us at stuffstonerslike at, put “contest” in the subject line and we’ll put your name in a 420 Stealth bag and randomly draw a winner…if we don’t get too stoned and forget. We’ll pick a winner (get it…pick a winner?) on Xmas Eve!

Here’s some marketing fluff ‘bout these here bags: The 420Stealth is a small, lightweight, unassuming bag made from the most powerful odor absorbing cloth so powerful in fact that a human being will have trouble identifying the bag’s inner contents. This makes The 420Stealth without a doubt the best HERB carrying case ever made.  No longer will you have to worry about the smell of HERBS emanating out of your backpack or purse, leading to an uncomfortable or compromising situation.  Stop by the local dispensary, put the HERBS in The 420Stealth, and get home hassle free. For more information click on the banner ad or visit their website by clicking here.

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  1. doyle r ashley

    hey i want a bag ,where can i get one?how much?

  2. admin

    Check it out…you can score a bag here:

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