Stuff Stoners Like Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Stuff Stoners Like Holiday Gift Guide 2017 It’s that time of year to deliver some holiday cheer to your favorite stoner. To make it even easier we decided to put together this quick list of the top five products that stoners will definitely like. There’s something on the list for everyone who likes marijuana—from vape products to wall art and all prices. So sit back, spark a bowl, get out your credit card and let’s get to the five coolest gifts for stoners in 2017.

DaVinci Vaporizer1. DaVinci IQ
We love on-the-go tech—from smartphones to even smarter vaporizer technology that makes life easier, man. What happens when you combine the two? Your get a really smart vape that’ll get you stoned with the greatest of ease. The DaVinci IQ uses an app that allows the user to have full control over their smoke sessions—from turning on your vape automatically, to controlling it’s temperature, to boosting it so that you can get that last bit of THC out of your dried herbs.

The fancy new DaVinci vapes uses something called “Smart Path Technology” that allows users to select from four different temp settings for whatever herb you throw at it. You know how some herb has a higher moisture content than some others? Well the new DaVinvi vape allows you to dial in that perfect amount of heat to get that perfect hit you’ve been seeking—no matter the cannabis you use. Plus this things pretty damn affordable. Pick one up at

Method 7 glasses2. Method 7 Glasses
Sure you can’t smoke these glasses but that doesn’t mean they’re not stuff stoners like. If you’ve ever grown weed indoors using HID lighting you’ll notice that everything looks a bit yellow. This in turn makes identifying issues on your herb plants quite a bit challenging. There’s nothing like looking at your pot plants under direct sunlight to spot bugs and diseases but that’s not always possible.

So with Method 7 glasses you’ll not only be able to see your plants as if you’re looking at them on a crystal clear day you’ll protect your precious peepers from the dangerous rays many grow lights put out. Total win-win.

Dabado-Bolt-Pro3. Dabado Bolt Pro
We love dabs. You love dabs. Everybody loves dabs. Well everybody that’s cool, we mean. But what we don’t like is all that cumbersome and potentially dangerous equipment—we’re looking at you blowtorch—that’s involved with taking a dab. That’s why we’re digging Dabado’s latest line of portable enails. The Dabado Bolt Pro comes with everything you need to dab up on the go—an array of nails that are easy to use and quick to heat up, a nice glass mouthpiece that provides enough room for a fat hit’s worth of vapor to collect, a carb cap, dabber, as well as a protective storage case.

The enail that we reviewed worked super well right out of the box and provided at least twenty solid hits before it needed to recharge. If you’re looking to take your dab game to the next level or at least on the road to the next town we suggest that you ask Santa Claus to bring you your very own Dabado Bolt Bolt.

Uptown-Growlab-presents-the-Kitchen4. Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster
Sure you can’t roll the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster and smoke it—even though it arrives at your doorstep looking like a big huge joint (in a nondescript tube to keep the haters away.) But it does glow in the dark. Don’t want to send weed or some crazy stoner device through the mail? Don’t fret dude this thing makes the perfect present. And speaking of present this thing will be ever-present on your buds bedroom or basement wall once you gift it to them. That means each time they see it they’ll be thinking of your or at least thinking of what stoners like.

The Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster also makes a great gift for yourself as well. How many times have you taken a bunch of bong hits and couldn’t decide what movie to watch, or what snack to eat or who’s cool in the weed world? Have no fear—just consult your Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like and you’ll instantly know what stoners like.

stuff-stoners-like-rolling-papers5. Stuff Stoners Like Rolling Papers
Sure there are two Stuff Stoners Like products on this list. Who do you think created it? That’s right. So check it out. What makes a better stocking stuffer than rolling papers? Money, weed and a bunch of other expensive shit, of course. But Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers are affordable, 100% pure hemp, slow burning, available in 11/4 and king size and come with a free sticker. That’s like getting two presents for just a couple bucks. Plus with 33 leaves per pack it’s that perfect gift that just keeps on giving joint after joint after joint. Talk about Stuff Stoners Like, eh?

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