We’re hella stoked to announce that STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERS are nearly available. Nearly? Yup. Why? Dude, you’d be hella surprised by all the hoops we’ve had to jump through to produce ’em. But that’s nothing compared to the hassles we’re going through to actually sell ’em.

Ever since we started STUFF STONERS LIKE we dreamed about releasing our own rolling papers—made by stoners for stoners. And we’ve finally achieved our goal. Our papers are made from 100% pure hemp and they’re so thin that you can see right through ‘em. They’re available in King Size and 1-¼ Size. Stuff Stoners Like Papers aren’t too slick to roll and they’re made with a natural gum so they stay stuck no matter how hard your stoner friends fumble ’em.

STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERSWe want to send a massive shout-out to Chris Hill of CHILLS Tobacco, one of our marijuana heros, and the dude who printed our KING SIZE PAPERS. He started his legendary company, CHILLS Tobacco in his father’s garage at the age of 22. As yearly sales hit $3 million and the National Republican Congressional Committee named him “Businessman of the Year” in Florida, he went to prison. Tommy Chong was also targeted in the same sting. Hill’s story is legendary and a documentary about it is in the works. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Chris.

We also want to put out a super fat thank you to Todd Holland and crew of THC Customs, especially Jim McGonigal, for not only printing our 1-¼ size papers but hooking us up with an epic deal on ‘em. These dudes are true partners so if you’re looking to bring some papers to market these guys are fuckin’ awesome and we can’t recommend them enough. Hopefully we’ll sell a fuckin’ ton of SSL Rolling Papers and bring both CHILLS and THC Customs hella biz.

Where can ya get STUFF STONER LIKE Rolling Papers?
We’re working on that, but we can tell you that PayPal won’t be part of the process. Because less than five hours after criticizing it’s hypocritical CEO we received a letter saying we violated their Acceptable Use Policy regarding the sale of our STUFF STONERS LIKE Rolling Papers in our Big Cartel store. Our store made no mention of PayPal and how they discovered a violation of their policy is beyond us, but shutting us down hours after exercising our 1st amendment rights is definitely no coincidence.

STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERSWhile we set up our online merchant account we’re reaching out directly to retailers. Our papers will be first available in Vancouver Washington at New Vansterdam, an epic recreational marijuana store. Not only did they grant us the dopest interview and invite us to the store to try out some of the dope shit they sell, they’re stoked to sell our papers. AND they’re going to work with us on weed and paraphernalia reviews. So if you live near Vancouver, WA and ever wanted to get compensated for smoking weed (then writing about it) you’re in luck, dude.

We’re NOT going to let the man, or PayPal keep us down. We’re bringing this shit to market because it’s time stoners get some rolling papers made specifically for them. In addition to being available from our site soon, STUFF STONERS LIKE papers will be on select store shelves in pot-friendly states all across the land, (tell your favorite dispensary or headshop to hit us up).

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