STUFF STONERS LIKE Vote YES on Proposition 19

STUFF STONERS LIKE SAY YES TO LEGALIZATIONSTUFF STONERS LIKE VOTE YES on Proposition 19, the ballot initiative in California that’ll legalize marijuana for ALL adults 21 and up.

Why do we vote yes? Well, to put it simply…we’re STONERS first and foremost and voting AGAINST LEGALIZING WEED just seems like fucking heresy, man. Sure, we’re medical marijuana patients and we completely understand the benefits that go along with it and we also fear the erosion of our rights too. A lot of heavy-hitter dudes have spoken out against this law with similar concerns. Our friend, politician Denis Peron–who was instrumental in legalizing medical marijuana…and at one point in time even the late GREAT Jack Herer, who had written his own initiative…weren’t in favor of this thing. But, since legalization of marijuana is the ultimate goal of all STONERS….voting against it…in any form…just doesn’t seem right, man. So we couldnt’ do it. And, we didn’t.

We’re not gonna lie and say this was a difficult decision, man. We’re not looking forward to the commercialization of marijuana. Remember skateboarding before the X Games or Green Day before Warner Bros Records? Well, now both that shit’s so homogenized it’s hard to look at…so we’re not looking forward to watching the mainstreaming of stoner culture. But what the fuck are we going to do, but keep smoking weed and doing what we do? Originality, quality, humility will always still exist…even once the marijuana industry inevitably goes mainstream. We’ll go underground…that’s what we do…that’s what this culture is all about. Shit, that’s why WEED is so advanced nowadays because stoners took that shit underground and away from the prying eyes of helicopters not only to evade the law but to evade the mainstream so they could continue to GROW not only the best smoke but an entire fucking culture. So don’t worry stoners…a vote to LEGALIZE WEED is not a betrayal of STONER CULTure. We’ll all still be here and we’ll all still be smoking weed because NOTHING…not even LEGALIZATION is going to EVER stop STONERS from SMOKING WEED!

What the fuck were we talking about? Oh ya…we voted yes to legalize marijuana because we can’t come up with any valid reason why the fuck we should vote to keep marijuana illegal! Whew…we almost forgot to say that. Sometimes we get stoned and forget what we’re going to say…but today…we didn’t let that stop us.

Like the shot heard around the world from the Battles of Lexington and Concord, STUFF STONERS LIKE want to be among the very first motherfuckers to fire that very first shot at ending MARIJUANA PROHIBITION!


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