Sunset Sherbet aka Gelato Live Resin Review

Sunset Sherbert aka GelatoSunset Shertbet aka Gelato Live Resin from FOB Review

Score: 8.95/10
From: Harborside Health Center and available at both locations:
Harborside Oakland:
1840 Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94606. Phone: 888-994-2726
Harborside San Jose: 1365 N 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112. Phone: 888-994-2726
Producer: FOB aka Fresh Off the Bud Extracts
LA’s Fresh Off the Bud Extracts make and sell concentrates at the whole sale level. They were founded by a college grad who majored in chemistry. They use a closed loop extraction system and remove all solvents from their extracts using oil-free vacuum pumps and laboratory vacuum ovens to ensure no contamination. Plus all their their products are packaged in a clean room. No wonder these dudes took first place at the 2013 LA Secret Cup and third place at the 2013 LA Medical Cannabis Cup.
Type: Live Resin Sugar Wax
Live-resin extractions are concentrates made from entire plants that are cryogenically frozen soon after harvesting. Curing or slowly drying out a bud doesn’t preserve as many of the trichomes, oils, cannabinoids and terpenes—the things that give bud flavor—as flash freezing the weed.  It preserves more of the oils and terpenes that are present in the plant when it’s alive and allows for them to be better extracted into the finished product. When done right this results in some very full-flavored and complex concentrates.
Process: PHO or Propane Hash Oil
Propane Hash Oil is produced using research grade propane. FOB says that their PHO is verified by an independent laboratory testing lab to be solvent free. Anyhow Propane Hash Oil typically has a higher terpene content (5-25%) compared to mixed hydrocarbon extracts. You can drop it in a vape pen, take dabs of it, use it to make weed butter, spread it on some joints, etc.
Sample Size: Half a gram. It’s also available in full grams.

Gelato weed
Sunset Sherbet aka Gelato from Fresh OFF the Bud Extracts

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Genetics: Sunset Sherbet, also known as Gelato, is an 85% Indica and15% Sativa hybrid that’s related to one of our favorite weed strains, Girl Scout Cookies. The Sunset Sherbet strain is definitely unique and completely stuff stoners like. It’s a tasty cross of OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison. Crossed with an Indica known as Pink Panties.
Appearance: Sugar Wax basically describes shatter that resembles the consistency of wet sand. It’s not completely dry like crumble. This stuff had that classic honeycomb look to it.
Smell: The terpenes were pretty prevalent in this pot extract. It was fairly fragrant—not the most overwhelmingly aromatic stuff, but we were looking form something a bit neutral to use with some fresh Lemon Kush terpenes. However this Sunset Sherbet sugar wax definitely delivered that familiar candy-like aroma that’s so characteristic of it’s Girl Scout Cookies parentage. It also had a slight bit of skunky, fruity-almost berry aroma as well. But the citrus was pretty noticeable up-front.
Flavor: A lot like the Sunset Sherbet bud, this sugar wax has that fruity, candy-like, frozen yogurt flavor that you taste in gelato. There’s also a note of sugar or honey—something definitely sweet hidden deep inside this stuff. The citrus is a little less prevalent in flavor as it is in the overall aroma, but the Earthy tones and skunkyness come through when dabbed—especially on the exhale.
High: Sunset Sherbet has the best effects of it’s parents—like a good hybrid should. It delivered a nice jolt of energy and a cerebral high that was pretty euphoric. It also brought on a really nice body stone. A head-high with some relaxation is a great balance. Could definitely see this stuff working really well to treat depression like a good sativa and pain like a nice Indica.
Overall: If you love Girl Scout Cookies you owe it to yourself to get your hands on some Gelato aka Sunset Sherbet. At least get some frosty buds to try out. If you can though, go straight for a Gelato extract. Not only does it deliver a great high and body stone it’s also super tasty and made of some of the best stuff on Earth. Snapple’s got nothing on OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison, man. Is Sunset Sherbert Stuff Stoners Like? Indeed.

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