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Written by Joshua Sheets
Superthrive plant food is awesome—because it works. I’ve been using it professionally in greenhouses and nurseries for over a decade, as well as on my own cannabis plants for just as long. Plants benefit from vitamins much like humans do. A pro athlete or bodybuilder will consume a staggering amount of vitamins in a given week from their diet and supplements. Just like in plants, this abundance of vitamins, minerals, hormones, acids and esters provides the athlete with an edge to recover faster, build mass and even digest better! The difference between humans and plants is that with exception of a very select vitamin in small amounts humans don’t produce their own. With proper fertilizing, light and a stress free run, a healthy weed plant produces enough to reach an acceptable yield. Superthrive comes in when you need to resist stress in production stages like transplanting and light cycle shift or if your like me and want the biggest, most potent buds for your money.

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superthrive plant food
Superthrive plant food is available in many sizes

Secret Superthrive ingredients

How does Superthrive work? Why are some of the Superthrive ingredients secret or proprietary? And why should you avoid products with only one, two or a few of its ingredients? Because of Superthrive’s synergistic effect of hormones, vitamins and minerals. When the three main ingredients in Superthrive are combined with its other normalizing vitamins and hormones they are proven to aid plants in resisting stress, disease and fungus.

The company keeps them secret to avoid competition not because these ingredients are dangerous. In fact if you ran a super complete fertilizing regimen, like with everything in the Advanced Nutrients line along with a tea of compost, two kelps, alfalfa, blood and bone meal, and yucca, you would be close. But a few of the synthetic ingredients like NAA (Naphthalene Acetic Acid) have been proven over and over to have the most power synergistic effect in terms of transplant success. Superthrive was used to transplant the largest AND oldest tree ever documented and if you look on their website there are pictures, its not a joke. Is it organic? No….but its one of those magical moments when a bump from chemistry can get you faster recovery from stress, resistance to disease and fungus and a more desirable healthier plant. There have been times when this product was the only synthetic supplement I used.

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superthrive cannabis
Talk about some superthrive cannabis, right?

Superthrive for cannabis

When it comes to Superthrive for cannabis the beauty of this stuff is that its 53 ingredients are highly soluble, highly concentrated and capable of long term storage. A small bottle keeps for a long time and you can get a ton of use out of. Using a 4 oz. bottle of Superthrive at a drop a gallon in a hydroponic garden will last you a long time.

How to use Superthrive? It’s simple. You can dose as high as 2 tsp per 10 gal according to the manufacturer. If you are using soil, mix it right in with your transplant water at 1 tsp per gallon. For more information on Superthrive fertilizer or other fertilizer supplements for cannabis check out my new book Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System in Your Own Home. More complicated problems? Check out my new website.

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5 Responses to “Superthrive is Stuff Stoners Like”

  1. Curl

    It is always great to hear about a fertilizer from an actual user. Not just some analysis from a chemist. I will be trying this next season.

  2. Andy

    What about super thrive causing Hermaphrodites ?

  3. Mogie

    From everything I have seen and read no super thrive does NOT cause hermies. Google what does cause hermies and you should find a lot of other factors that could do that.

  4. Mogie

    What about using Super Thrive in veg and flower? How does it compare to something like Fox Farm?

  5. Brother Sweetleaf

    I see in some of the comments that some people have mistaken Super Thrive as a fertilizer. It isn’t. It’s a nutritional supplement that’s widely used to help plants survive and/or thrive through stressful periods that would otherwise impair or harm the plant (e.g. when transplanting, during an abrupt change in light-cycle,etc.) I’ve been using Super Thrive for years, have read several unbiased articles on it, & love it myself. I believe the author of the article implies that he uses it not only during periods of shock & stress, but also as a regular nutritional supplement, comparing it to how a human may supplement their diet with a multi-vitamin; vitamins are not food, but they do supplement our diet for optimal health, providing nutrients that food simply does not. Super Thrive might be used (carefully, in very small doses) like a vitamin is used.

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