Superthrive Plant Food v Supergain

superthrive cannabis
Talk about some superthrive cannabis, right?

Superthrive plant food v Supergain

Looking to produce beautiful and bountiful buds? Some growers swear by Superthrive plant food but we may have found something that’s even better…If you love growing weed using Superthrive plant food you might dig it’s cutting edge rival—Supergain. If you’re not familiar, man, when it comes to Superthrive cannabis growers absolutely adore the stuff. Don’t believe us? Read some of the online Superthrive reviews out there. If the fact that Superthrive was used to transplant the largest and oldest tree ever documented doesn’t tell ya something—you’re too stoned. Are the Superthrive ingredients all organic? No, but Superthrive is an otherworldlyconcoction—one where a bump from chemistry delivers a deluge of benefits. We’re talking faster stress recovery and greater resistance to disease and fungus. Bottom line? Using a proper plant food like Superthrive or Supergain will help you produce an overall healthier and more thriving marijuana plant that leads to bigger yields.

Superthrive plant food competitor Supergain is Stuff Stoners Like

SupergainWe love Superthrive and have been using it for years. But our buds over at Supergain say their dope sauce is a magical marijuana activator that will ensure a yield of huge and healthy buds. That’s because it’s a modern update to an old classic—a 21st century professionally formulated, highly concentrated plant performance activator. You can score a 4 oz bottle of SuperGain on Amazon for $10.98 and an 8 oz bottle of Supergain for only $18.65 and because you dilute the stuff, it goes a very long way.

“We’ve used the combination of multiple patented products, deep international research and decades of growing experience to design a product that can safely and effectively help you grow bigger, lusher, higher-yielding plants,” says Tom Scannell, owner and founder of BGI.

Scannell began his career growing cotton and rice in the Mississippi Delta before moving to Florida, where he became a master bougainvillea grower. He also has a degree in soil science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison so you know he knows his stuff.

Supergain is made from over 400 natural plant ingredients. Are they the same as the Superthrive ingredients? No. That stuff’s proprietary, man. And probably hell of hard to pronounce. But what’s important is that the special ingredients in Supergain will give your weed plant an added ability to survive in stressful environmental conditions. They also vastly improve the quality, health and production of marijuana plants by enhancing physiological activities through genetic expression. This is why it’s been shown that using Supergain leads to double-digit percentage yield increases in some plants. Now that’s stuff stoners like.

Unlike Superthrive plant food, Supergain uses gene chip technology to map genes and bioinformatics to measure which genes are turned on and off. This determines the biological activity of the extracted plant molecule at the genetic level allowing growers to enhance plant vigor. Supergain is food-quality formulated. That means it’s completely safe to use on weed, fruits or vegetables. It can be applied in a foliar spray or used as a soil drench mix. Make sure to read the instructions before using it though. Good luck and may big buds be with you…always.

If you make the switch from Superthrive to Supergain let us know how it goes for you in the comments below…

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