Synthetic Urine Is The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test

Synthetic urine – that’s how to pass a urine drug test

Looking for info on how to pass a urine drug test? Urine Luck because there’s a Quick Fix to help UPass your urine test dilemma. Your best bet might be to score some fake urine or use a synthetic urine kit. By the way, Quick Fix, UPass and Urine Luck are all awesome names of fake urine makers. If you can score some clean urine that could work too. Clean urine isn’t always easy to come across and there’s no guarantee that it’s actually clean. Chong was going to use his pregnant sisters clean pee, but Cheech drank it after snorting laundry detergent.

PRO TIP—We HIGHLY recommend Sub-Solution synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test.

How do you pass a urine drug test?

Use synthetic urine. Fake pee or synthetic pee is easy to purchase online and almost always works to pass a urine drug screen. Just make sure that your sample is the correct temperature before you hand it over. Urine exits the body at a specific temperature so if you hand over a cold sample it’s a surefire way to fail. That’s why we dig fake pee brands that come with a heating powder.

What is the best synthetic urine brand?

Before we get all into synthetic urine we’ll start with our recommendation on the best synthetic urine brand. Like we said above, we HIGHLY recommend Sub-Solution synthetic urine. See the review below and check the comments from our readers who’ve used successfully.
We all know that the dreaded urine drug screen is constantly evolving. As a result substituting fake pee for your own and passing a UA test is becoming more difficult everyday. Supervision is on the up and up—making it more difficult to hide and use fake urine. Some labs even test for fake piss. But don’t worry, man, it’s still totally possible to pass a test using synthetic urine. You just need to know how to use and conceal your use fake piss and make sure to use quality synthetic pee. Urine luck…(get it? Urine luck)…because we’ve taken the time to list the best synthetic urine brands below. If you’re not into fake pee, visit our post How To Pass A Drug Test for Marijuana for some other options. Anyhow, good luck, man.

Why would someone choose synthetic urine other solutions?

Why would someone choose to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test over another solution like a detox drink or the certo drug test method? Well for starters maybe they don’t want to ingest something that may taste gross or may make them feel gross. The beauty of synthetic urine is that you avoid both.
Most importantly however is that by using synthetic urine to pass your urine test allows you to continue smoking weed. IF you like smoking weed or need to smoke weed for health reasons and don’t want to give it up for a job or some other reason using synthetic urine allows you to continue smoking and pass your piss test. Seriously though a capable employee shouldn’t be denied a job or lose one because of their medicine.

How do you use synthetic urine?

Use synthetic urine just you would use real urine. But make sure it’s warm before handing over your sample. You can use a microwave or a stove top. Some synthetic urine brands include a heating powder or a heating pad in their kit. It’ll take about an hour for the heating pad to heat the synthetic urine to the proper temperature—between 94 and 100 degrees. Make sure to give the synthetic urine a quick shake to give it some bubbles before handing it over.

Best fake pee for drug test?

So you don’t need to read this entire article we’ll just tell you that we HIGHLY recommend Sub-Solution synthetic urine. You can read the Sub-Solution fake urine kit review below for more details and the comments from our readers who’ve used it and passed their drug test or drug screen. We think this is the best synthetic urine kit around because it comes with an easy-to-use powder that raises the fake urine ’s temperature to normal body temperature making it virtually fool proof. And comes with a 200% money back guarantee. Grab it and spare yourself from reading all the synthetic urine reviews on Amazon.

What is fake urine?

Fake urine, fake piss, fake pee is what is exactly what it sounds like—synthetic urine. Sounds gross but there are actual uses for this stuff. Actually clean pee is gross. Fake pee, not as much. It’s toxin free and because it delivers consistent result it’s exactly what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment.
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Is synthetic urine detectable?

No. It specifically mimics human urine. In fact synthetic urine is what drug testing labs use to calibrate their testing equipment. Synthetic urine has the same levels of pH, specific gravity and creatine as human levels. If you’re a typical Joe looking for a job or staying good with your PO then you’ll be fine.

Does synthetic urine work for drug tests?

Yep. Synthetic urine works to pass a urinalysis. The synthetic urine reviews below include two products, Sub-Solution and Purine, that we’ve used and have heard nothing but success stories. The only way stoners have had this stuff rejected is if the temperature is off. Don’t worry, dude, we’ll cover the temperature stuff below. Basically the effectiveness of synthetic urine comes down to two things; quality and knowing the supervision strictness of those testing you.

Any proof that synthetic urine works to pass a drug test?

Of course we have proof that synthetic urine works to pass a drug test, man. We would be putting our reputation at stake if we didn’t, right? So what proof do we have about the wonders of fake piss working to pass a drug test? Written testimonials, dude, from people who have used synthetic urine to pass their test. You can read many of them below. One of our favorites is from RG about using Choice Sub-Solution to pass a drug test by LabCorp.
RG was very worried about an upcoming 10 panel drug screening that she needed to pass in order to start working at a local hospital. RG smoked weed pretty much everyday so she realized that he would have enough time to get weed out of her system naturally and still pass the drug test coming in about two weeks. Her best bet to pass the test was to purchase some drug test urine. Apparently after “reading every review I could find online,” he bought Clear Choice Sub-Solution from “Yes, it was more expensive that the Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus, but this is not something you skimp on, especially with as much as I had to lose,” she continues.

Practice makes perfect

To pass he read the instructions so many times she had committed them to memory. On the day of the test she drove to LabCorp with the bottle and heat activator “nestled snuggly in my gooch area.” She advises to practice walking and moving around with the fake urine stashed that way you know you don’t look suspicious or risk dropping it or anything.
Luckily the test was unsupervised and the tester did not wait outside the door. This gave RG the confidence to break out the fake pee sprinkle a small amount of the heat activator in the bottle. In her comment she says that she could feel the synthetic urine heat up in her hand and used the included temperature strip to make sure the fake pee was in acceptable range 98 to 100 degrees. She poured the synthetic urine in the test cup and left it in the bathroom as instructed. For added peace of mind RG used an at home drug test and tested what little bit of synthetic pee was left in the bottle and it immediately red negative.
A few days later RG received a note from her doctor saying she passed her test. “The immediate relief I felt was amazing. Needless to say, I had my doubts even though every review I read said it worked. Nothing beats having a paper in your hand stating you’re clean!”

Will fake urine work for all drugs?

Synthetic urine mimics clean human pee. That means it works the same no matter what drug you use from cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, LSD to extacy and so on.
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What is synthetic urine made of?

Synthetic urine is exactly what it sounds like, artificially synthesized urine. Synthetic urine, or fake pee appears just like real human urine and because it’s what drug testing labs use to calibrate their urine screening equipment substituting it for your own THC-tainted pee is an easy way to pass a urine drug test.

How To Make Synthetic Urine

Want to know how to make synthetic urine yourself? You don’t. Because synthetic urine contains chemicals you can’t get there’s no point in trying to craft your own cannabis-free pee. You could always use someone else’s clean pee, if you can get it. But making fake pee that’ll pass a urine drug screen ain’t going to happen. Furthermore, you’ll draw a lot of attention to yourself when you use lemonade to fool a piss test. Do yourself a favor and grab our recommended brand, Sub-Solution or one of the others quality pees on this page.

When to use synthetic urine

Whether you use synthetic urine on not really depends on the supervision strictness of those testing you. You may want to ask around and do some research to determine what company does the drug testing for your job. You should also try to gather as much information about their drug test methods as you can. Some places allow you to duck into a bathroom by yourself and pee in a cup. If this is the case you’ll be fine using synthetic pee as long as you can get that shit up to temperature. Some products require a heater and some have powder that drop in and it brings the fake piss to perfect temperature. It should be between 90 °F and 100 °F (or 32-38 °C) to not look suspicious. More on that in the synthetic urine kit reviews below.

When to avoid using fake urine

Some drug test places will make you wear a hospital robe making it a little more difficult to use fake pee. Maybe you’ll be able to smuggle it into the bathroom. We cover tips on concealing synthetic uring below. And some urine urine drug screen places actually employ a person to stand there and watch you pee. They’ll force you to pull your pants down to your knees and your shirt up above your navel. If you know this is going to happen, you might just want to try and detox. We cover how to get marijuana out of your system in a couple articles.

How to smuggle synthetic urine

If you’re submitting to an unsupervised test you shouldn’t really need to hide your pee. Just be smart about how you smuggle it. Most people hid it in their droors or bra. Just be careful how you package it and it won’t spill. Here are some ideas on where you can hide synthetic urine.

  1. Wear two sets of droors and stash your fake urine in between them
  2. Wear a belt under your clothes and attach your fake urine to it. Bonus? Some places make you pull down the pants and lift up the shirt, then let you go to the bathroom alone. So wear it right below your chest and above your navel. Some manufacturers make a special synthetic pee belt for this very reason.
  3. You can also tape a container of synthetic pee to your inner thigh.
  4. If you’re a woman you can stash the fake pee in your bra. We’ve even heard of women storing it up the vagina.
  5. Watch Pulp Fiction and then stash your fake pee where Christopher Walken hid that watch while in a Vietnamese prison camp.

Tried any of the above? What’s your personal hiding spot that has worked? Please let us know in the comments below.

What do drug test labs do with your urine?

After you hand over your sample the fist thing the drug test lab will do is perform an EMIT (enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique). test to detect drugs and proteins. A color spectrum is then used to analyze and compare the color produced on the strip by your urine sample to the color that clean pee should produce. If they get a positive result the pee is sent to an accredited lab. These guys use the same equipment that’s used to test for pesticides and residuals in weed and concentrates, a GC-MS machine (gas chromotography-mass spectrometry). This allows them to prove that illicit substances or their metabolites are present in your piss.
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How do labs determine synthetic urine?

Like we mentioned above the lab will perform that EMIT test. This is so that they can detect illicit substances or their metabolites present in your piss, but also determine if that piss is real. Not only that they’ll look to see if your urine has evidence of dilution or tampering to mask drug metabolites. If you use quality synthetic urine you’ve got none of this to worry about however. Anyhow here are a few important things the test examines;

  • pH – Normal pH in urine ranges from 4.6 and 8 but slightly more or less may be acceptable. If yours not within the range it is a clear sign of adulteration.
  • Specific gravity – This reveals the concentration of solutes and density of your urine sample compared to water. The reference range for specific gravity is 1.005-1.030.
  • Creatinine levels – If your sample isn’t above 15 mg/kg of bodyweight it indicates that it’s diluted.
  • Uric acid – No uric acid means non-genuine, substituted pee.
  • Glutaraldehyde – Present in many urine masking agent products and not naturally present in urine.
  • Nitrate – This is also present in many urine masking agents and not found in urine.
  • Urea – One of the more recent compounds labs have started testing for. If it isn’t present in your sample, they will know it’s nothing but fake piss.
  • Color, odor, temperature – Although not officially part of the test, if your pee looks and smells like water, it’s common sense to suspect it may be diluted which may warrant extra testing. If it’s cold, it obviously didn’t just come out of your body.

A good synthetic urine, heated to the correct temperature will beat all the above. Which brings us to…

How hot is your urine?

The normal temperature that urine leaves the body is between 94°F to 96°F (about 35 °C). That’s why drug testing labs measure the temperature of your urine usually within 4 minutes. A surefire way to fail a urine drug test is to hand over a urine sample or synthetic urine that’s cold or at room-temperature. Check out our post, How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm So You Can Pass a Drug Test for some tips and tricks on heating urine, keeping it warm and smuggling it into the test facility.

What is the temperature of urine supposed to be?

Your urine sample should be between 94°F to 100°F. If it is too cold make sure to heat your synthetic urine. You can microwave it for about ten seconds or use a brand like Sub-Solution that includes a heating powder. You can also use a hand warmer. Tape the hand warmer or heating pad to the side of the cup and it should heat the urine fairly quickly. How hot does hand warmer get? A hand warmer will reach temperatures around 100 too 125 degrees F. How long does a hand warmer last? Most hand warmers will last between five and eight hours but that depends on the brand. Of course if your fake urine sample is too hot simply let it cool before pouring it into the drug lab’s cup.

Can you reheat synthetic urine?

Yes you can reheat synthetic urine. In fact you can reheat synthetic urine an unlimited amount of times. It can be heated a number of ways, with a heating pad, in a microwave, even on the stove. However make sure the temperature is between 94° and100°F before pouring it into the collection cup at the lab. You might want to shake it also to create some bubbles much like human pee.

How long can you store synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine has an approximate shelf life one or two years depending on the manufacturer. So make sure to check the packaging for a date to see if it’s still good. Store synthetic urine away from direct sunlight, which will throw off pH levels and at room temperature.

Does synthetic urine expire?

At some point in time synthetic urine will expire. Like we mentioned above you’ll want to make sure to check the product packaging for a date to make sure the urine is still viable. When in doubt throw it out and just buy a new synthetic urine kit. You don’t want to fail your drug test because you used expired synthetic urine.

How much pee is needed for a drug test?

How much pee is needed to pass a piss test? Now this is a great questions, because it’s important that you make sure to have enough fake piss to fill the cup to the line. That’s right, someone at the testing facility will either mark the cup themselves or point out the measurement on the cup it self. Typically you’ll need about 30ml of urine for most tests. So just make sure you bring in at least more than 30ml of synthetic urine, better yet, bring in more just in case (you never know what could go wrong) make sure to hit the mark on the cup and you’ll pass, dude.

Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?

If you’re like us you want what you want now and you’re not trying to pay shipping fees. You probably won’t find fake pee at the grocery, drug or liquor store, so if you find a quality brand synthetic urine at your local head shop or porn store—go for it. Just make sure to check that expiration date. If you can’t find synthetic urine near you order it online, man. Like we said, Sub-Solution is the shit we recommend. They’ll even overnight it to you if you need that stuff immediately.

Best synthetic urine reviews and where to buy them online

Sure you could go out and read all the synthetic urine reviews online but we’ve done the resarch for ya and know these products work. They’ve worked for us in the past and countless other stoners. However, we don’t want to stop you from reading other people’s synthetic urine reviews online, just be cautions of dates. Like we said the ua test is always evolving and so is the fake pee for drug tests. So make sure to read recent reviews and get a new product. Anyhow looking for a synthetic urine kit? These are the three best in order:

Sub-Solution powdered urine kit review

Sub-Solution is 100% effective synthetic urine. It’s designed to be undetectable and completely toxin-free and by far the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it the best synthetic urine out there is that you can use the included chemical heating powder to warm it up in a matter of seconds. Microwaves and heating pads aren’t things you usually find in a bathroom at the drug test lab. The fact that it includes a magic powder that raises your urine sample’s temperature to normal body temperature is what makes this stuff your best bet. Plus it comes with a 200% money back guarantee. That’s some confidence in a product right there. Sub-solution fake urine is made from 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea that mimic real human urine. It’s also balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine. It can’t be detected and looks like urine, smells like urine, foams when shaken and comes from a Clear Choice, a piss test pioneer that’s been around since 1993. Check out for other Clear Choice products like a heat pad to keep your sample warm or the incognito belt to help you smuggle it in. If passing a urine drug screen is all that stands between your and a paycheck, don’t hesitate to grab this stuff.

Purine powdered urine kit review

Purine powdered urine is pretty awesome. We still think that Sub-Solution is superior mainly due to it’s fool-proof fast heating method, but Purine is still really great stuff. It comes with a heater, temperature strip and instructions. It comes in a powder and when mixed it has all the right qualities needed to pass the urine drug test. And like Sub-Solution It smells and behaves like real urine. It’s also a little cheaper. If you know that you won’t need warm pee this is a great choice.

What is Quickfix?

Another really popular brand of synthetic urine is Quick Fix. It’s basically the same stuff that drug test labs use to calibrate their urine testing machines. It contains all the ingredients found in natural human urine. It’s also has the same pH, specific gravity and creatinine values as human urine.

Warning about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is being sold on sites like eBay and Amazon for a fraction of the retail cost, claims the product maker, Spectrum Labs. They report that their fake urine was bought in bulk at various liquidation sales and are expired or about to expire—meaning their ingredients have broken down and are not guaranteed. So make sure to get it straight from the maker using our trusted link for Quick Fix Plus, or just go with something like Sub-Solution.
The Quickfix guys also claim that they’ve been “receiving a few of calls from people worrying their quick fix urine could be counterfeit.” They say they have addressed the issue saying that they’ve “never discovered a counterfeit quick fix urine 6.1 ever and there has been no counterfeit Quick Fix Synthetic Urine discovered for close to three years now, the counterfeiter who was making fake quick fix urine was located and has been shut down for over three years.”

Quick Fix review

Quick Fix is the most well-known synthetic pee brand. There are two versions of Quick Fix urine, an original and a plus. The difference? Basically the amount of synthetic urine you get. The first thing you’ll notice about quick fix synthetic urine is that it doesn’t smell like Purine, Sub-Solution or normal piss. And you’ll also need to heat this stuff if you need to submit a fresh sample on the spot. If that’s the case grab a thermometer and test the temp before you hand it over. You used to be able to score Quick Fix on Amazon for only 16 bucks but for some reason it’s been removed.
We did hear about some issues with Quick Fix in the past, but that shit’s cleared up now. Back in the day some of their product came back as invalid or “not-human”, as can be seen from a few online reviews. Many of these bad reviews were caused because there was a counterfeit product that someone illegally distributed to stores as Quick Fix. This is all resolved now, but if you’ve got a box of Quick Fix and it looks suspect, call the manufacturers. Aside from that little issue, we’ve heard Quick Fix is a perfect low-cost solution.

Quick Fix Plus

We thought we’d include a quick note about Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine because the product worked for a friend of ours recently. And because fellow stoners are constantly asking about the differences between Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus. The difference? Basically the amount of fake pee you get. Our friend who recently passed her drug test picked up a box of Quick Fix Plus. It came with a 3oz bottle of fake urine, a handy temperature strip, a heating pad and step by step directions. Apparently this stuff is guaranteed to work in any situation at every lab location or your money back. It also came in a discreet package as well. Like we said, we’ve got a real-life testimonial that it works. So give it a try.
PRO TIP—Use the Whizzinator to smuggle your synthetic piss. The what? The Whizzinator, dude—basically a highly realistic fake dick used to piss out synthetic urine at body-temperature. Don’t laugh, man. It works. In fact the Whizzinator worked well for so many people that in 2008 the government took the Whizzinator dudes down. Luckily they’re back. They also have a female version of the product called the SheWhiz. Great name, eh?

How to use Quick Fix urine

You have two options for preparing Quick Fix or Quick Fix plus fake pee:
Option 1—the quick preparation method. Microwave the synthetic pee for about 10 seconds or until the temperature strip reads between 90-99°F. If the temperature falls below the safe zone of 90-99°F don’t trip—you can shake the provided heating pad and attach it to the bottle to bring the synthetic urine back up to the right temperature. You can also keep the bottle close to a warm part of your body in order to retain heat. For men just tuck that stuff into your drawers and women can do the same or stash a vial of fake pee in their bra. Just in case don’t keep the fake urine in your pocket when entering a testing facility because you could be searched. And just so you know the acceptable range for urine sample acceptance in all U.S. labs is between 90-99°F, so you have some wiggle room.
Option 2—the slow preparation method. This method is usually used by people who have no idea when their urine test will be and have a Quick Fix fake urine kit on hand just in case they have to submit a urine sample. First remove the Quick Fix urine bottle from the box and apply the heating pad to the back of the bottle, on the opposite side of the temperature strip, using the provided rubber band. Store the synthetic urine in your pants to take advantage of your body heat. If you cannot store the synthetic urine on you the heating pad will take approximately 45 minutes to reach the desired temperature of 92-99°F.
PRO TIP—before you leave the bathroom to hand over your urine sample give the bottle a quick shake to ensure fake urine has some bubbles. That way it’ll look more like real pee.

Fake urine kit vs dilution

Should you spend you cash on fake urine for drug test purposes or a fake urine kit or just try to pass your urine test by diluting your pee? Sure dilution has work for hundreds of thousands of people for years but we hear that there are drug tests that now check for Ph, Creatinine and specific gravity right in the cup. Back in the day if your sample looked like pee, tested negative for drugs and had the right temp, you would pass the drug screening. And your sample would not be sent to the lab for confirmation. Those days are over because today’s new breed of drug tests make dilution not an option so we say score the best synthetic urine you can.

Reader testimonial: Best fake urine

We’ve been getting some great comments about which synthetic pee is the best and wanted to make sure you sayw this gal’s testimonial about using Sub-Solution synthetic pee for drug test passing purposes. Apparently it worked with flying colors. Take a look and also check out her pro-tips:

“Based off the recommendations, I used sub solution synthetic urine. I ordered it right from their website ( got here in like 2 days, in a non suspicious package. Read the instructions multiple times, and brought everything with me. Outside the drug test center (concentra), while I was still in my car, I pre mixed the urine powder and water in the squirt bottle with the temperature reading. Since you can do that up to 8 hours before the test, just so I had less to do in the actual drug testing bathroom (less chance of getting caught).
So I put the squirt small sized bottle that contained the urine powder and water mixture in my bra on one side, temperature strip away from my skin. I also put the small bottle of the heat activating powder in my bra on the other side. They gave me the cup to go in and sent me into the bathroom unsupervised. But he was right outside the door. They tell you not to flush the toilet, and you do not have access to a sink in the bathroom. You can’t wash your hands until after you come out with you sample (so make sure you have the water you need to mix the urine prior already in the mixing bottle like I did). Once I got in there I simply shook up the urine and water mixture gently a little more. Then poured about 1/3 of the heat activator in and shook it up. You could feel it get hot and clearly see the temperature of it on the bottles temperature strip. I actually made mine a little too hot. So I laid it down on the coldest surface (the back top of the toilet) temperature strip side up to cool down a little bit for a brief 30 seconds or so.
Once it hit 98 degrees, I just squirted the mixture into the urine cup that the testing center gave me. At this time I also really urinated in the toilet at the same time because urine hitting a toilet full of water and a liquid being squirted into a little cup just doesn’t sound the same. And I didn’t want anything to be suspicious. Also, it’d be weird if there wasn’t anything urine looking in the toilet at all. They don’t test what’s in the toilet so it didn’t matter that I myself actually urinated in the toilet anyway.
After I filled up the specimen cup with the synthetic urine I put the lid on it. I finished my business on the toilet, and put the containers or the fake urine and heat activator back in my bra. (DON’T DUMP THE EXTRA FAKE URINE IN THE TOILET, IT MAY TURN THE WATER BLUE TIPPING THEM OFF!)
So I exited the bathroom after a total time of maybe 2 and a half to 3 minutes (an acceptable amount of bathroom time, esp for girls) and handed the man the the specimen cup with my fake urine sample.
He checked the temperature, marked that it was correct and sent it off to a lab. A few days later, I got called that I got the job! So yes, sub solutions fake urine def works, and this was just recently in April 2016.”

How to use synthetic urine

This same SSL reader also thinks that Sub Solution is the best fake urine and left a few great tips on how to use synthetic pee for drug test purposes. Here they are:

  1. Premix the artificial urine powder and water in the bottle it comes with—one less container to carry and one less step to complete while under pressure and time constraints. You have up to 8 hours to use it once mixed.
  2. You need way less heat activator then you think you need. Cool it down (by placing the container on a cool surface) if you use too much.
  3. Read the directions many times and memorize them so at the test you can get it done quickly, error-less, and smoothly.
  4. Keep the synthetic urine bottles quiet when in the bathroom during testing. I dropped the lid of mine in the bathroom with a guy standing right outside—it hit the floor and was so loud! Luckily the guy didn’t say a thing—so be careful!

Weird Uses for fake pee

According to Spectrum Labs, the dudes who make Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus fake urine there are several uses for synthetic pee that go beyond using fake pee for drug test purposes including drinking the stuff. Talk about a really gross tasting drug detox drink, right? Anyhow according to the quickfix site people use fake piss for the following wacky purposes:
Kinky Play
Spectrum Labs say that “another popular use for Quick Fix is by the fetish community.” Apparently Quick Fix Synthetic Urine substitutes for the real thing because of health concerns. They go on to say that “regular urine contains impurities; our synthetic urine mimics the look of regular urine and provides a healthy way to play.” We’ve also heard that Whizzinator and SheWhiz, two popular products used to beat a drug test are also used as sex toys. In fact the manufacturer can only sell them as sex toys because they were sued for helping people pass a drug test. See What is the Whizzinator below for more information about the crazy case.
According to the quick fix synthetic urine guys their product could be used in lieu of real urine for curative powers. They claim that “some cultures, especially Indian, have traditionally used urine as a medicine. In Ayurveda its practice is called Amaroli. Urine has been prescribed in India for over 5,000 years for health benefits, as written in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi.”
The quick fix urine dudes also promote using fake pee in pranks. On their site they say, “What could be funnier than dousing your roommate’s bed with urine? Not much!” Since synthetic urine is “healthy and doesn’t contain the nasty toxins human urine does.”
Repelling Animals
So this isn’t really a weird way to use fake piss. But Spectrum Labs also say that their Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be used as a repellent. “By taking advantage of an animal’s natural aversion to something,” Says their site. “And often the thing chosen is something that the animal has learned to avoid in its natural environment.” Aside from using it to pass a piss test, this could be a real use if you’ve got some left after passing your test.

What is the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator is a highly realistic fake penis designed to expel synthetic urine at body-temperature. The best part about the Whizzinator? It works. In fact the Whizzinator worked so well for so many people that the government actually took the Whizzinator dudes down.
In 2008 the government heard people were passing piss tests left and right using a Whizzinator. So they took action leading to federal prosecutors winning a 19-count indictment against Puck Technology, the makers of The Whizzinator. The charges were for fraud and selling drug paraphernalia. Gerald Wills and Robert Catalano, president and vice president of the wizinator company, was charged with conspiracy to defraud the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. As a result the company’s assets were seized. Wills got 6 months in prison and Catalano got 3 years probation. Luckily they’re back and selling the product as a sex toy. But it still works great to pass a urine drug test. They also have a female version of the product called the SheWhiz. Great name, eh?

What is a Whizzinator used for?

The Whizzinator is used to help pass a urine drug test. It keeping synthetic urine warm, aids in expelling it and looks like a real human penis. It’s also used and sold as a sex toy. It’s one of the most infamous weed accessories ever.

Who got caught with the Whizzinator?

Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith was caught with the original Whizzinator in May 2005. He was detained at the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport after police found “paraphernalia” later identified as “a kit used to circumvent drug tests.” The “mysterious” device that was later identified as a Whizzinator. The following month he was suspended for the entire 2005 season after a third violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. In 2009 a Minnesota Bar owner bought the infamous Whizzinator from the former player and put it on display in his establishment.

Conclusion: Does synthetic urine work?

In closing, does synthetic urine work to beat a drug test or screen? YES. It definitely works. We’ve had comments left on our blog from people who work at drug test labs who testify that, “Synthetic urine is NOT detectable now, nor will it ever be.” So to beat your urine drug test or screen just buy a fake urine kit and make sure your sample is warm when you hand it over—the acceptable temperature range is 32–38 °C/90–100 °F. Like we said you can’t go wrong with Sub-Solution and their money back guarantee.
Ever use synthetic pee to beat a urine test? Have an tips on how to smuggle urine into a lab? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • Just lab tested for a job within the last week using subsolution. Screen included specimen validity testing (SVT) and I passed. In addition, I read literally every thread about subsolution and it seemed like *nobody* used the heating I decided to take the chance and use it since there were no/few first-hand accounts. I admit, I was worried that it might throw off the pH (since most heat reactions of that nature create salts), but the shit is so damn expensive, I just had to take the chance and try it since I was paying for it. It was definitely easier and less stressful than experimenting with heat packs and whatnot. Temp seems to be the only thing to fret about, but you can experiment with the powder ahead of time and you'll see how easy it is. It heats up very quickly and cools down at a manageable rate. Easy peasy. I was reallllly skeptical about using synth, but it was my only viable option. I'm quite impressed (perhaps a bit surprised) and it was well worth the money as you might imagine. The only problem I encountered was that the bottle they sent me leaked a bit even when fully tightened. Nbd though, the leak wasn't appreciable enough to make a difference. I stressed hard about this whole ordeal, as anyone else in this situation likely will, but it worked out. Just stay cool and don't trip...too much. I hope this helps. One love.

  • I just wanted to post about my drug test. The absolute only choice in my area, or even close was QuickFix. Yellow box, 6.1 version. I prepared it as according to directions, went to take test, and it was postponed. I had to reheat it 3X before actually using it. Everything came back perfect. Awesome! Here's a serious piece of advice, do not trust the heating pad it comes with! Get two hand warmers from the hunting section at a department store and use BOTH of them. The pad they offer isn't going to hold temp if you don't get right may, but are you really willing to risk it. This is what I did, made sure they are fully heated before attaching them to the bottle (30-45min). It will hold the temp exact. So absolutely happy it all went well. Here's to the new job!


  • The Quickfix urine I tested where I worked and it showed positive for nitrates. I used it for a drug screen. What is going to happen? Will I be OK?

  • It is 2/23/17 and I took urinalysis using Sub-Solution 2 weeks ago. I am a manager for an oil & gas company and still havent been fired or called about it so I'm pretty sure it worked. I submitted my sample to an occupational med clinic so it was shipped off to a lab (idk who). I was freaking out about the "6 hour shelf life" talk in the directions because it was a thursday afternoon and it probably wasn't going to be tested until the next day or even possibly sit over the weekend. It is safe to say it has been tested by now and i have not heard anything about it so it worked. I did not use the heating powder as i warmed it up and kept it in my leg prior to testing. I have a good job and a good career and sub-solution kept it that way.

  • Yeah I guess I'm just gonna have to quit. Not risking my 75k/year job.. You shouldn't either. The only sure fire ways to pass a drug test: Quit and detox naturally, or tape a bottle of your sober friends pee to your leg. That's it.

  • solution for my pre employment screening today and passed. I would recomend this product to any one, its great!!! Thanks so much for the info above! It helped me immensely