Where to Buy Synthetic Urine for a Urine Drug Test

Where to buy fake urine

Where to buy synthetic urine is a question that we can proudly say we’ve answered many times over and over. Not only do we think that a urine drug test for weed is humiliating we feel that in many cases a drug screen or drug test is a violation of civil rights. Maybe some people shouldn’t really be stoned while performing their jobs, but that doesn’t justify the multitude of drug testing and drug screening occurring daily. So we are stoked whenever we can throw a wrench in the system by like telling people where and how to buy synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test for weed.

PRO TIP—Score some Sub Solution synthetic urine. Don’t trust Amazon. They constantly remove fake pee so you can’t trust their sellers.

Before we tell you where to buy synthetic urine let us assure you that fake piss actually works to beat a urine drug test for weed. We’ve heard first hand from friends who have used fake piss to pass everything from an employee pre-screen piss test to a urine drug test for parole.  Keep in mind that if you’re worried about your fake urine being detected as synthetic, if you purchase a quality product it won’t happen. We mention two quality brands below (Sub Solution synthetic urine and Quick Fix) as well as where to get them. Don’t believe us? Check out all the reviews on our site from people who have used synthetic urine to pass a piss test.

Where to buy synthetic urine

There’s synthetic urine for sale probably at a head shop near you. Just google synthetic urine near me, or where can i buy synthetic urine locally and you’ll probably find one. You can also, of course, buy synthetic urine online. That’s what we’d recommend. Well because we’re lazy. Sure googling where can i buy synthetic urine is simple, but it also involves driving. And who knows the nearest head shop might be hella far and carry some generic brand of fake piss that won’t work at all. So the question you should really be asking isn’t where to buy synthetic urine, but which synthetic urine should I buy.

how to pass a drug testWhich synthetic urine works best?

There are several brands of synthetic urine on the market. But there are only two brands that we actually trust, Sub Solution synthetic urine and Quick Fix synthetic urine. If you’re contemplating some other brand, we wouldn’t recommend it, man.

Sub Solution synthetic urine

Sub Solution synthetic urine is undetectable and completely toxin-free and some of the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it the best synthetic urine? It includes a chemical heating powder that’ll warm your fake pee in a matter of seconds. Most people fail a urine test because the temperature is off. So this is a great addition. Plus Sub Solution synthetic urine comes with a 200% money back guarantee—that’s some serious product confidence. We recommend that you buy it from because our buds at testnegative.com have never let any of our friends or readers down.

Where to buy Quick Fix

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the most well-known synthetic pee brand. There are two versions of Quick Fix urine, an original and a plus. The difference? Basically the amount of synthetic urine you get. Quick Fix doesn’t come with magic heating powder like Sub Solution so you’ll need to heat this stuff yourself. No big just score a heat pad to keep your sample warm or the incognito belt to help keep it warm and smuggle it in.

Again we recommend we recommend that you buy Quick Fix from the manufacturers so you know it’s the real deal. You could also use the quick fix synthetic urine store locator on their site if you need synthetic urine in a hurry. Avoid buying your fake piss from Amazon. They consistently remove synthetic urine so you can’t really trust the vendors that are selling that stuff.

Have any recommendations on where to buy synthetic urine or which brands are the best? Let us know in the comments below…

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