Stoners Like Doritos

Here at Suff Stoners Like we aim to please, man. Several stoners have written in touting Doritos as the ultimate stoner munchy. So…who are we not to investigate, right? So we decided to test that theory. And, well it’s true…stoners … Continued

BREAKING NEWS — Cheech and Chong are Back

Forget the Big Lebowski and that lame-ass Pineapple Express. If you want the real deal pot comedy, watch any Cheech and Chong movie. Or just catch them on tour! Yep, the original weed comedy duo Cheech and Chong are back … Continued

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria It’s been know for a little while that cannabis can fight drug-resistant bacteria. Drug-resistant bacteria are a growing concern for public health. These superbugs are becoming more prevalent and more difficult to treat with traditional … Continued

The Black Crowes are Stuff Stoners Like

The Black Crowes are stuff stoners like, of course. Why? Because who doesn’t love watching or reading about two rock star brothers killing one another? But, that’s not the point…. We’ve discussed 10 things that stoners like…now let’s talk about … Continued