Taking the Plunge into Hydroponics with Hydroton

Grow some big buds with ease using hydroton pellets and hydroponics

Hydroponics & Hydroton Pellets

Are soil-born critters bumming you out? In search of automated irrigation? Maybe you just want higher yields of better flower! You ready to make the leap from soil cultivation to the amazing world of hydroponics?

Let me make a professional recommendation. Based on over a decade of empirical knowledge, trial, error and nursery experiments I have a recommendation to get started with hydroponics. Fill your pots, planters or beds with hydroton or any expanded clay pellets.

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Baskets filled with hydroton pellets in flood & drain hydroponic systems deliver great results

Hydroton expanded clay pellets are awesome for first time hydroponics growers. That’s because they have a neutral ph which makes them a very unfriendly environment for insects. Hydroton pellets also provide you with comparative growth and development rates compared with aeroponics, undercurrent or any other advanced waterculture technique—without the major drawbacks.

Unlike waterculture a weed plant sitting in hydroton can take a pump failure for more than 12 hours. The water to air ratio is regulated by the feed cycle rather than being dependent on a constant flow system that could clog easily. Hydroton pellets can be cleaned and reused. Just a good scrubbing in a light solution of bleach or hydrogen peroxide and a real good rinse and your hydroton hydroponics are as good as new.

Hydroton works great in a drip system. But they’re the ideal medium for ebb and flow. Want HUGE SUPER POTENT buds!?! Build an ebb and flow table and fill it with hydroton. Mix your killer hydroponics nutes and set the timer to your submersible pump to 15 min on and 45 min off. A 12 hour light cycle and 8-10 weeks and you will NEVER go back.

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Hydroton pellets are recommended for the best hydroponics results

It is notable to mention hydrotons usefulness in propagation. Many prefabricated hydroponic systems use net pots to hold young plants. Manufacturers now expect these nets to be filled with hydroton. They even use hydroton pellets in promotional pictures when selling hydroponic supplies in trade magazines and order catalogs. It’s very easy to set up a 2-4 foot table and grow a bunch of plants in net pots until their roots are long enough to fit the prefab irrigation systems.

Bottom line—if you’re ready for hydroponics skip perlite, skip gravel, skip cocoa coir. Rockwool can facilitate issues and waterculture is very touchy. Go hydroton in an ebb and flow hydroponics setup 15 on 45 off. Buy good nutrients, General Hydroponics are fine but there are better brands our there. And make sure to follow the feed charts. Best advice I could give.

For more info on killer nutes, grow media and feed cycles, irrigation techniques and everything to get you to top shelf smoke—buy a copy of my book Homegrown Marijuana on Amazon or any major book retailer. Need more help or have a commercial size issue? Contact me directly via my website.

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  1. Mike B

    When you say 15 on 45 off, do you mean 15 mins of feeding and 45 mins no feeding? And also do you do that every hour of light?

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