Tangerine Wax by Pure Cure Review

Pure Cure Tangerine WaxTangerine Wax by Pure Cure Review

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REVIEW BY: @stonystuff
Name: Tangerine Wax by Pure Cure
From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose, California (@HHCSJ on Twitter)
Cost: 1 gram is $55.00
Cannabinoids: 79.75% THC, 1.10% CBD
Type: Platinum Oil’s are a solvent-free product. This is a full melt concentrate/oil.
Pure Cure Tangerine WaxLineage: CH9 Female Seeds – Tangerine
Looks: This solvent-free sap looked as sweet as honey! And when held to the light shined like some sunny sap should! It was real rich in color and had a texture that could be mistaken for some orange jam like a super baked stoner with the munchies might daydream. Pleasing and easy with the clearest 20/20 vision eyes to the most bloodshot, this full melts appearance was fantastic!
Scent: Out of the jar not much other than a nice light fresh scent of something sweet and fruity. When smoked, it certainly did not smoke out the room while smoking out the room if you know what I mean. Ha! Meaning, for as big as hits that were being blown out the lingering stench was not overwhelming like one might expect. The CH9 background gives this full melt excellent blended aroma that I will refer to as a fruity bubble gum bubble of concentrated cloud…
Taste: Super smooth with a sensationally sweet taste of a citrus burst of tangy goodness!
Pure Cure Tangerine WaxHigh: Picture yourself in a boat on a Harbor with tangerine trees and stony ass me. This hit me like a sativa but oh no! Not the case. At first activity and euphoria came with much happiness but quickly to also be accompanied with a solid as a rock but as comfortable as a stone stationary setting. For I was soon very comfortable with all I encountered. An absolutely magnificent body high after I was able to take down half the melt. Saved the other half for the following day which made medication for the weekend an extra delight!
Buzz Length: Ya! Ba! DAB! A do! And I did. Half a melt lasted me all day. The other half the next…
Medicinal Applications: Insomnia, fatigue, eating disorders, appetite, migraines, muscle spasms, joint discomfort, is among some of the illnesses Tangerine Wax can help to relieve. Other conditions respectively include depression, anxiety, PTSD, hypertension, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS. And last but certainly not least, for I can not emphasize enough, anyone fighting cancer of some kind and for those who have already beat it and are in remission. This awesome solvent free full melt can certainly help and be a great supplement for your overall health and well being. Quality medication to help with the quality of life!

Pure Cure Tangerine Wax
This solvent-free sap looked as sweet as honey! And when held to the light shined like some sunny sap should!

Overall: This sample of Pure Cure -Tangerine (I/S) came from the Harborside Health Center in San Jose on Friday, March 24, 2015. Located off of the Montague Expressway in the industrial part of San Jose, the smaller dispensary is nothing short of less when it comes to quality for all of their high-grade strains, concentrates and many other delightful goodies. And for their amazing staff, I have had the luxury of acquainting them frequently for several years now, and every visit is an awesome experience that is always conducted with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. From the moment you enter, to the moment you leave, you are welcomed very politely by some of the friendliest folks in the business. And they always have the best music playing in the background! With quality such as this, picking up some terrific Tangerine (IS) full melt tested a potent 79.75% certainly!

There is talk that the San Jose store will be relocating to a much larger building in downtown San Jose in the coming months. We will be sure to update you as information becomes available.  Thank you Harborside Health Center and staff, all patients, and readers! Stays stoned and take care!

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