Terryn Buxton Reviews the No Puff Pipe

No Puff Pipe Product ShotHere we have our OFFICIAL TEST PILOT, Terryn Buxton from Discovery’s Weed Wars and the Harborside Health Center, experimenting with the No Puff Pipe–an all-in-one tool with a smoking chamber that’s completely contained so no precious smoke escapes the bowl, wasting less weed and making the process of getting STONED in public not only private, but highly efficient. And, because no smoke escapes No Puff, sly stoners can direct their exhale right out the bathroom window of mother-in-law’s place or towards the sticky-ass floor in a bar or club, or exhale their smoke though a sploof while burnin’ in the dorm…concealing the origin of their smoke from all unsuspecting haters.

The No Puff holds the bowl, lighter and about 4 or 5 grams of weed all within the body, so according to its manufacturers “taking a hit is as convenient as dipping in your pocket. Ejecting ash and loading the bowl can be accomplished with one hand and cleaning is easy with a prodding tool that stores alongside the lighter.”

Sounds cool enough, right? Interested parties should check out more info on the No Puff pipe HERE and make sure to watch the No Puff Pipe demo HERE.

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