Thai Stick is Stuff Stoners Like

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What is Thai Stick?

Much like vinyl records and not bathing Thai stick, a form of super potent Sativa-dominant weed that probably originated in Thailand, was very popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s. And Cheech was right, Thai Stick is weed tied to a stick. C’mon, man don’t you remember the classic scene from Up in Smoke where Cheech brags about all the weed he’s smoked: “I Smoked That Mechewachan…That Acopulco Gold…I’ve Even Smoked That Tied Stick.”

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The unusual practice of tying high quality weed to a stick was done to compress the buds and force them to dry at a slower pace than usual—upping their potency. In fact most people in the 70’s smoked such weak shwag that when they finally got their hands on some weed containing real levels of THC, like Thai Stick, they freaked out and assumed it was laced.

That’s why you’ll hear urban legends about Thai Sticks, sometimes called “black bud” being dipped in opium. Think about the economics for a second. Opium is worth way more than the bud it’s allegedly soaked in. Why would anybody soak an inexpensive bud in costly opium and sell it for a loss?

It’s more reasonable that Thai Stick is hella potent because Thai cannabis growers have been selected seeds from their strongest plants for hundreds of years—creating killer Sativa genetics. Plus Thailand has a very long growing season with high temperatures. Add those great conditions to rich volcanic soil and you’re bound to produce an exceptionally potent product.

thai sticks
Thai stick, a form of super potent Sativa-dominant weed that probably originated in Thailand, was very popular in the 60’s and early 70’s

Where did Thai Stick go?

A lot of reasons contribute to the decline of Thai Stick’s availability. For one thing, the Vietnam War is over and that put a huge hurt on availability. The main flow of Thai Stick into the United States came from troops as they returned. Stricter policing of cannabis cultivation abroad also led to its demise. Plus attention shifted towards strains that were easier to grow indoors—earlier maturing, less psychoactive strains smuggled from Pakistan and Afghanistan as law enforcement began to bust state-side home growers.

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Are Thai Sticks back?

A new version of Thai Stick is available. We’ve seen it at dispensaries up here in Northern California. And this time the bud is actually dipped in something to increase it’s potency—often time hash oil and sometimes rolled in kief. Although we’d love to get our hands on some authentic Thai Stick from Thailand or Vietnam, we’re pretty stoked with today’s modern take on Thai Sticks.

Have you tried authentic Thai Stick from the 60s or 70s? Tell us about it in the comments below.

15 Responses to “Thai Stick is Stuff Stoners Like”

  1. Bonnie Demos

    Excuse me, how old are you? You obviously weren’ t there, or born.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Bonnie

    I will admit to vynil records, but I did bathe daily, this sticks were awesome, you had to be there to appreciate

  4. Anonymous

    Loved every min. Of it

  5. Bonnie Demos

    And I thought the Thai Sticks as well asost of the weed from back in the day was way better than the indoor grown weed that is so popular now. We had schwag rarely, any good dealer trying to make a living had to have good shit or no one would buy. Too many options back then. I don’ t think THC is the measure of how great the weed is. I totally believe that if you take away the sun,moon, stars, rain, thunder, lightening, breezees, sunrises, sunsets, blue skies and birds overhead you have lost the magic in the weed. What makes the weed great is NATURE, not what we arrogant little human beings do to it! We are ruining it by growing indoors under articifical lighting, under artificial conditions, and using toxic chemicals, like systemic plant growth regulators, bud hardeners, pesticides, fungicides, yuck, that is not weed or medicine, that is true schwag! It is a big, bold, loud, smelly, beautiful plant and she wants to be FREE! She hates growing, watering and lighting schedules. A happy plant produces happy weed, an unhappy plant produces not so happy weed. Besides, the carbon footprint from indoor grows makes it unsustainable. It takes the energy of 28 refrigerators for one year to grow one plant. Cannabis is a natural being, and foes not wish to contribute to the continued destruction of earth and the environment. We need to promote, educate, and help advocate for healthy, happy, natural weed grown the way it was meant to be, outdoors in the sun!

  6. Anonymous

    Bonnie your just dumb

  7. Anonymous

    Just to prove one of your outdated notions wrong, no one uses hps lights or metal halide lights, they use led lights that use less energy than your giant plug in vibrator! And there is plenty of totally organically grown bud that has nothing toxic in it, worm castings, coffee grinds, and other organic things for pest control such as hot pepper or mint oil. Get over the weird nature hippie thing because a lot of people did a lot of research and work, and didn’t just sit around and come up with some flower child BS, instead of doing work.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes, the sticks! I had a great connection for real Thai stick, dark, rich, damp…peel bud off stick & twist up! Such great flavor & high! I also fondly remember Colombian Gold, Panama Red and Maui wowie from back n da day!

  9. franc

    Thai sticks or Buddha or Buddha sticks were trumps for so many reasons, did you get the over there too? They were strong buds bound to a rib of a palm leaf as long as a glad sandwich bag, bound on with the thread off the outer edge of the palm leaf. These were made by the hundreds of thousands . They were compressed into bricks. The separate the brick had to be held over a large pot of boiling water. The steam slowly expanded and the sticks all came apart. They were was so cool to carry in a tobacco pouch, only half an inch was enough to make a mind fucking joint, with spin. In Australia language changes slowly, people still ask for a ‘stick’, when they want to score 25$ worth of buds. The original were $6 to start in the early seventies then went up to 30 bucks before they disappeared as the Vietnam war ended. They were manufactured in Thailand trucked across to the coast of Vietnam for export by sea while the war was raging. The photo at the top seems to be the genuine article.At the time it felt like they were fortafied with a little opium wash or something like that Enjoy your bugs drear brothers and sisters

  10. Chief79

    We use to smoke Thai sticks when I was a young teen in the mid 70s in Southern California. The aroma, taste and high was awesome. If I mediate I can still taste it. Most weed we smoked was 10 dollar a Lid mexican ditch weed. The sticks where 8 inches and cost 15 to 20 bucks.

  11. Jitsman420

    I remember those days back in the late 70 & early 80’s!
    It was the shit and we all thought it was “laced”!! Lol
    But actually it as just the most potent strain for the era it was around…everyone wanted the Thai stick or Purple back in the day!!!! Lol

  12. Old Scratch

    I’m 69. Smoked a lot of Thai back in the 70s. It was way ….use a capital W…. Way better then anything today. I’m lucky to live in a state that smoke is legal. Also miss my favorite. Black Hash. I’ve looked for both and have not been able to find. OZ of rag weed wash 10/15 dollars. Thai was 20. Don’t remember what I paid for the black hash. Always bought a qwarter or half Oz

  13. fredstoner

    Unloaded tons of these in 1972, 73 &74 in coos bay from an old US Army amphibious landing craft. The smoke smell and tasted of hashes .
    No poppy juice or anything but cannabis. in these as they were tested by Oregon State Investigators trying to figure what was in those sticks that were suddenly everywhere .
    A wonderful buzz overpriced @ 5 bucks .

  14. Buddha

    I recently reconnected with buddies I was stationed with at Korat RTAFB in 1972. It made me reminisce about the time I made some brownies using Thai Stick. After hitting the bong a few times, I proceeded to chop up some sticks to add to the mix. I had never made brownies before. Due to the state I was in, I wound up adding 17 sticks to the mix! It only set me back 34 Baht, $1.70 USD at the time. One can only imagine, after eating a couple of brownies, the condition we were in! ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. Wize

    The reality buddah Thai was real 1979 , I had it soaked in opium , super high grade not regular pot , opium gave it a sweet taste incredible high , also Nepalese temple balls and finger hash 1977-78 , England ,. The greatest highs will never be experienced again Sorry you did not Iive in those times

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