THC Detox Calculators – How do they work?

THC Detox Calculator

We wanted to take a chance to talk about a subject that draws several questions from our customers. How does a detox calculator work? What does it take into account? Further, what’s important to consider when inputting information into a calculator?

Detox calculators are designed to give the end user an estimate of how long it will take to detox THC metabolites from their system. In order to do that it is important to give the calculator accurate information to the best of your ability in order for the calculator to give good estimates. 

What kind of information does the calculator need? For our own, we ask for the information we have found most important historically. 

Age – younger people tend to be quicker.

Sex – males tend to be faster. 

Height / weight – the major factors that determine BMI, or body mass index. Larger people take longer because the metabolites have more fat tissue to get stuck in and recirculate the body.

Time abstinent – having a bit of a head start on it helps.

Potency, Sessions per week, amount used per session, and usage of dabs, edibles, or oils – all of these components together give an estimate of usage and additionally roughly how much THC the body has been exposed to.

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So, you plug in the information and you’re given an estimate. It’s as simple as that. One clarification we like to make is that the information given is truly an estimate and nothing more. We have seen people take longer or shorter periods of time based on other unknown factors that are extremely difficult to account for. The biggest wildcard is liver metabolism. Some people are just naturally genetically faster. Conversely, there is also a small minority of the population that are known as “slow metabolizers”. These unfortunate people don’t make the key liver enzyme 2C9, that facilitates the transition from THC to THC-COOH. Because of this their detox takes a genuinely absurd amount of time, realistically often a few months. However, depending on what medical reference you are looking at this is a rare condition that only afflicts 1-2% of the general population. Still something to be aware of. Regardless of enzyme genetics, we recommend avoiding alcohol during detox for the same reason, so as to not suppress liver functioning.

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