How Do You Grow Marijuana?

How Do You Grow Marijuana?How Do You Grow Marijuana? Especially organically? To answer the question, STUFF STONERS LIKE have teamed-up with expert herb grower, Mel Thomas, author of Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide, 3rd Edition, published by Green Candy Press Mel is a world-renowned cannabis cultivator and at one time was the largest producer of marijuana in the UK…have a question for him, email us at stuffstonerslike[at]

How Do You Grow Marijuana?QUESTION: How Do You Grow Marijuana? I’m really interested in learning how you grow organic marijuana. So a nursery nearby has this organic soil mix which contains 3 main ingredients. These are: Peat moss, manure, and shredded topsoil. What do you think of ready to go “organic soil”? Should I maybe buy a bag of loam with it and mix it. What mixes do you guys suggest? I don’t want to be adding like bone meal and stuff like that, just simple mixes with like loam, sand, manure, top soil, peat moss, etc. To be honest i know next to nothing about soil!


ANSWER: How do I grow marijuana? I try not to use compost based on peat moss , it is a non-renewable resource and also tends to be too acidic. Loam based compost is far better to use. As long as  manure is well composted it will be fine to use. A basic compost mix like ‘John Innes’ (compost sold under this name can vary, as the name was not patented) does contain peat, however it is loam based. The composts are used in increasing order when potting on. So young plants are not harmed by strong fertilizer in no 1 mix, whilst larger plants in large containers get increased fertilizer with No 3 mix:

John Innes Composts No’s 1 – 3:

•Mix 7 loam / 3 peat / 2 sand / plus one of the following fertilizer mixes:-

Compost No. 1 – fertilizer mix (per 1 cubic meter of mix).

•0.6kg ground limestone / 1.2kg hoof and horn / 1.2kg super phosphate / 0.6 kg potassium sulfate.

Compost No. 2 – fertilizer mix (per 1 cubic meter of mix).

•0.6kg ground limestone / 2.4kg hoof and horn / 2.4kg super phosphate / 1.2kg potassium sulfate.

Compost No. 3 – fertilizer mix (per 1 cubic meter of mix).

•0.6kg ground limestone / 3.6kg hoof and horn / 3.6kg super phosphate / 1.8kg potassium sulfate.


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